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 It was noisy at Canjam so I couldn't properly audition the Shangrila. But all I can say is, their amp was a bit underwhelming, the tubes were leaky and hissed a lot.
 E-Earphone. 007A is not in stock now but you can just write to them or call them to get one in stock before you go there to pick it up. Many thanks to Arnaud and Currawong and a few others who recommended E-Earphone to me. I got good deal for the 009 as I reserved the last unit in store in January. It was said that the boss called in to the Akihabara branch to give me an even sweeter deal.  So yeah, probably not everyone will get that good of a price, but if you can speak...
 Price of a pair of new SR-009 if bought in Japan directly: US $ 2500 You could fly there to buy it and it still will probably cost you less. I asked my friend to get it for me while he was traveling in Japan. But for the 007 which I once owned many years ago, this time around I will fly to Tokyo to get it. Around $1400 for a new pair of 007A, best price I found. Carbon could be built with a lot less if you have the know how. The initial tools will cost a lot. But after...
 Here is a better pic. I am starting on the Megatron build soon, but it's rather costly. 12 tubes beast. I have to DIY because I cannot afford to buy amps like BHSE. I miss my O2 Mk1. Should never have sold it. 
New toy came today. Wooh.  
Mine arrived today. This is so good, it fits all my bill, I could now drive my Dynaudio speakers and my HV amp (bypass, no volume pot) using the m920 as a pre-amp. The ODAC single ended output into the KGSSHV had distortion, I am not sure why, and it made the sound grainy and harsh. A class above the ODAC.   The included remote controller needs to be upgraded into metal body. I will probably be getting the Apple remote control soon.  
 Built it myself with the help from the DIY community.
This coming March or April I will be in Japan, I will go and have a listen to these new Stax.
I have been away, am back. But I don't spend as much time browsing and looking for headphones now. I am settled for now with this. I have a pair of HD600, and the 009, I think they will suffice. One I could use to watch movies, and transport it with me, another I could sit down with and listen.   For speakers one day I will sell my Dynaudio Focus 110A and get the Soltanus Acoustic ESL Virtuoso (electrostatic speakers), and the Sanders Magtech power amp. Before that I...
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