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  +1 for that!
Looks wonderful, too bad it's 100V!
  STAX SR-4070 does leak and does not isolate that much from my experience.   I have the ATH-W10VTG, same issue.   I have also a Thunderpants made by smeggy. Best isolation\leakage I have run into. Ultrasone Edition may also fit your requirements (never tested for myself).
Contact me in case you will think about shipping this to Europe. Thanks.
I've searched through the thread... does anyone know if it can power the K1000 ? Thanks
bump ?
Hi everyone, I think it's time for me to have a portable\small rig, for work (Yuin PK1) and for some home listening when i don't want to use the main rig).   - Ultrasone ED8 will be fine for home using i guess (need a semi-portable closed can) - Yuin PK1 will be fine for work ? I can't use IEM or other isolating earphone - I have no idea about Ipod Classic + Fiio E17 Ipod Classic will be very fine for HD size and for the User Interface. I know Fiio E17 will...
Hi everyone.   I need a new pair of headphone for my pc. I have been out of this world for like 1-2 years, so i am really not aware of the new products.   Basically i am looking for:   - Open Back design (or at least Half Open). For example not as open as a Grado or as a HD800, but not close like an Ultrasone PRO 900. - A really solid headphone (no wood and "easy to damage" headphone). I will not be the only one to use them, so i cannot assure that the will...
Still for sale  
Sorry for the late answer. they are sold.
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