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​Hi, Audeze.I had placed order isine20 to moon audio.They cann't ship it to me, Because they only received a small shipment  from audeze.When can the pre-order amount be shipped?
 Hi, James. I received the mail about 400 units release  today(and I found  my name from 800 member list), but I don't have taobao acount.Can I order the Fiio X7 of second batch ? Thanks!
This one?
I found a way to remotely control the AK380 from Apple Watch. It is to install a DLNA player soft "mconnect player free" to iphone. Then the AK380 is possible remote control via "mconnect play free".
  AK120 becomes surely hot (in DSD mode).In that case, I'll stop using the leather case of Astell&Kern not VanNuys (becase leather case retains the heat, I think).
  Hi AnakChan, Today's opening of a store time was 11:00 a.m, I think. I went to VanNuys Shibuya today, and VanNuys's guy told me that the case for AK120 had a great many orders for two days, and he was surprised very much.   BTW, do you know that he exhibited in "Pota-ken" in Nakano two weeks ago?
VunNuys is not accepting the order from overseas. lol
I got a carrying case for AK120 today. It's easy to use and is convenient. This is a product of Japanese bag brand VanNuys. (Japanese)     
I received different type of ak100 mod recently. -Addition of the coaxial output The following photograph is AK100 mod and xDuoo XD-01.  
I got mine 2 days ago, It's fine with ipod nano.
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