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  AK120 becomes surely hot (in DSD mode).In that case, I'll stop using the leather case of Astell&Kern not VanNuys (becase leather case retains the heat, I think).
  Hi AnakChan, Today's opening of a store time was 11:00 a.m, I think. I went to VanNuys Shibuya today, and VanNuys's guy told me that the case for AK120 had a great many orders for two days, and he was surprised very much.   BTW, do you know that he exhibited in "Pota-ken" in Nakano two weeks ago?
VunNuys is not accepting the order from overseas. lol
I got a carrying case for AK120 today. It's easy to use and is convenient. This is a product of Japanese bag brand VanNuys. (Japanese)     
I received different type of ak100 mod recently. -Addition of the coaxial output The following photograph is AK100 mod and xDuoo XD-01.  
I got mine 2 days ago, It's fine with ipod nano.
  The primary difference is ...-OPAMP and LPF was changed-DC input voltage became 5 volts-It supports DSF file-GUI is slightly changed  
It is a sound like WM8740 very much.I have made a reservation immediately.
There is the difference between R10 and DX100, It is a favorite that I can charge R10 from external USB battery.
Yes, I began "burn-in" in it.
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