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Agreed, Ive had too many problems with the RE line of headphones... this is not normal... I've had to get replacements for the RE2's about 5 times and they constantly break! After contacting Customer Service they agreed to send me RE0's after I paid extra money. Well... I'm on my 3rd pair of RE0's, the first 2 broke rather quickly and the 3rd came in the mail already broken... I dont understand how they can keep breaking like this when I take excellent care of...
that is perfectly normal and they should have told you to only send the headphones, with no tips, no case, nothing then they send you new headphones with just plain tips they didnt tell you that?
but the beats, you dont really need an amp right? and to get a pretty good sound on the hd650's you need like a 350$ amp? o.o
looked thru 3 pages and didnt see anything about these getting so much hype from them are they actually good...? i know the hd650 are a little more expensive but is it like 5x better?
if they are very lightly used its ok i guess
if they are more expensive, i will forget about them xD moved thread to full size amp section!
old thread..: uncle erik, what is a vintage receiver? boomana, i looked around and the threads relating to mine are people with a huge budgets looking for desktop amp for hd650's budget $250 T__T not sure if pico amp is portable or its price but it looks good along with minibox e+, but also reading that desktop amps are more competant need feedback for desktop amp with this budget thank you!!
whats are the big differences between the two phones? whats the best amp for the HD600's in the $150 and under range? thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Liljegren I'm totally new to this amp-"scene". I just got a pair of Grado SR80s (Love them!) and was thinking of getting a smaller amp for it. Would this improve sound noticably from my computer and iPhone? whats the diff between SR80 and SR80i?
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