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installation guide please..   thank you for your hardwork, cheers
2. It will only came back if you dimmed it to 0. I made it slightly above 0 and it never turned back.
Sadly i exeperienced this to.. Random popping sound from 24 bit file and sometimes playing dsd give me loud stutter sound and i have to restart.
From where/what shop you bought your dx200?
I have w500 ciem, how is the differences between w500 and w900?Thank you
I second @otta56 statement, playing 16/44 and 2.5mm high gain volume 40 got 5 hours playtime
From what i have read, hm901s is more aggresive, forward, thick, analog sounding dap..
what, no playstore? 
Awesome!*grab popcorn*
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