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Anyone tried the audiolab 8200 series with IPAD 2/3 via the CCK? Edit: It works.
I'm lucky that I'm not experiencing any of the hissing even when the computer is turned off.   I am using a 3-pin UK plug. There's a section in the manual under "Avoiding Hum and Noise" which points out several causes for hums and hisses in the system; have a go at them.   Just curious, do you guys leave the speakers ON when powering the computer or just leave the speakers on irregardless?   I emailed EMOTIVA support and they say it's ok to leave te speakers...
Right out of the box, they were not really impressive, they sounded closed in and boomy. But after a week, they sound more airy and natural. The bass has firmed up noticeably as well.   I would say they are really good for vocals, instrumental music, and rock in general, but not so much for electronics. YMMV.
x   Just finished setting up.
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2CutBA4Q2E   Just got mine AM4, just a video shot with my iphone.  
How about the EMOTIVA PRO airmotiv 4?
Just got this and I must say the resolution is phenomenal. Being a fan of Grado sound, I welcome the sweet clarity it provides. And the Comply tips are a nice touch; I m impressed with how comfortable and conforming they are. Personally, the foam tips provide a better seal than the silicone tips. Because of the better seal, the music sound 'meatier' or more 'full-bodied'. Just wish the housing were made of better material than plastic, but tts just me nit-picking:D
Any interest in this?   Some info from Digital Audio Blog http://www.digitalaudioblog.com/2011/06/teac-ud-h01-usb-dac.html    
How about the Focal CMS series?   
Hi Dannytang   Thx for the reply :)   Guess that's an option, but am afraid that it'll distort the sound.   According to the manual, we're supposed to max out the volume on the computer, but I find the sound coming out sounds "strained". As such, I adjust the volume to about 60-70% on the comp and adjust the audinst volume knob as required to get the 'sweet' spot.   I'm trying to avoid having to do the same when I hook up the audinst to a dedicated amp....
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