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hmmm.. We  answer questions on headfi and PMs almost every day. Our emails are usually answered within a day, so are social media messages. Our customer support works from 9 to 5 pacific time. 
The RazorDog unit and the free demo unit mentioned are completely different scenarios.  Sometimes Audeze sends out demo units for reviews. Almost every single time, the unit comes back to us after the review is completed. Once in a while a unit ends up on ebay. These are units that Audeze does not offer full warranty on. Any unit bought from us or from authorized dealers are covered by warranty.
yes you can. They wont cause any issues. 
Aluminum won't work for headband.  It easily bends and you will lose the shape. Spring steel is a better choice since it will come back to its original shape. There are some other alloys that can be used as well. The original LCD-X headband is spring steel covered in leather. The CF headband is actually layers of Carbon fiber with other material to give it structural stability as well as flexibility. 
Sorry you had trouble with this. Please PM me your ticket number and we will look into it. 
Any US based iSine owners here want to beta test some new stuff ? (No..we are not changing the iSines). If interested, please PM your shipping address. It will take a few weeks to get it out.  If the beta tests work out, you can post about them and keep them. We will arbitrarily select 3 beta testers.  
No. Just some website updating issue. Color has not changed. 
No. The magnets on iSines are much more stronger than the small magnets in clips etc. They might attract and get stuck to the iSines when you store them, but they will not have any effect on audio. They cannot damage the headphones either.
We have a few people using it for biking, workouts etc and sweat is not an issue at all. 
A few years ago, a legendary Grammy award winning recording engineer approached us to retrofit a Jecklin float with the LCD drivers. His Jecklin float with the electrostatic drivers had failed. We retrofitted them with LCD drivers and it sounded really good. So out there somewhere, there exists a contraption that is half LCD, half Floats. It sounds quite good as well.  
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