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 On Head-Fi it's everyone's privelege to have their say, no problem, and we're just as, if not -more- frustrated about the problems we encountered with the EL-8 roll-out. The robbery didn't help but we're not using that as an excuse. We have everything worked out now, production is humming along, shipments are going out, and a number of reviewers will have their say coming up as well as the personal experiences of Head-Fiers as more of them audition the headphones...
 Hi, this isn't Alex, sorry if you found the comment unnecessary, but it seemed like it needed some sort of reply. We've made a number of posts in this and other Audeze forums regading customer service and always try to do out best of course to not appear heavy-handed. We'll look into the LCD-3 thread you mentioned and we'll be happy to reply there as well although this thread has been getting the lion's share of interest of late. Thanks for letting us know,Audeze
That's a rather startling accusation. Audeze has a fine reputation and has never paid for a good review. That would be highly unehtical. Thank you,Audeze
 @MacedonianHero: Thanks for your assessment of the distortion measurements. We’d like to put to rest any concerns about the EL-8 driver's distortion in the treble. In fact the EL-8 drivers exhibit very low distortion on a par with our LCD series. Tyll does a valuable service to the Head-Fi community by measuring headphones using standard test procedures that allow everyone to compare headphones on a level playing field that makes objective comparisons possible. Regarding...
 Hello, well, while we posted that we understood the feedback and appreciated how some people felt an all-black EL-8 would be better, and while we actually looked into it, turns out that's a longer-term project for various reasons. We don't want anyone to have the idea an all-black EL-8 was coming anytime soon.  Thanks,Audeze 
Thank you, we're very sorry to hear of Planarmagnetic's problems -- it might have been related to the robbery, not sure -- and we've PMd Planarmagnetic with the person to contact. In any case we really always strive for best performance when it comes to customer service. Audeze
Planarmagetic, very sorry to hear of your troubles.   Please check your private messages and we'll straighten things out right away. Thank you, Audeze
Sorry for taking so long to reply. You may be interested to know that the LCD Series Travel Case fits the EL-8 perfectly.Thanks,Audeze 
Hi everyone, good to see you at CanJam... a few thoughts.   The EL-8 closed-back inevitably has more energy in the treble compared to the open-backs. It's possible that changes the closed-backs -perception- of the mid and low frequencies because the balance sounds slightlly different. Both open and closed have the same bass response as indicated by our measurements.    As far as "burn-in" is concerned, perhaps we can suggest that's not the optimal description as...
Without wishing to rain on your parade, if you open and mod the EL-8s the warranty becomes void.Thanks,Audeze
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