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Yes. We don't want to create the wrong impression that you need EQ to make it sound good. As you can see from most posts, the iSines sound really good straight out of the analog cable. The DSP can enhance it. We will provide some suggested curves for other players when it releases. What player do you use ?
iSine acoustic tuning on models in both Germany and the Source AV are the final tuning. There is no difference in sound. The visual differences are due to finishing variations which are still in the process of tweaking to get the final designed look. The units showed at SourceAV are closer to the final finish.    The difference people heard in the sound are probably due to one or more of the following factors:  - The presentation when using the lightning (CIPHER) cable...
 We'll ship worldwide to all dealers and distributors at the same time, probably early November. However, initial quantities may be limited.
 The iSINE 10 and perhaps the iSINE 20 will be at the Indulgence UK show next month. We'll ship worldwide to all our dealers and distributors at the same time, probably early November. Initial quantities may be somewhat limited.
Yes. Most likely we will have the whole lineup
For anyone based in Southern California, we will be having a small event at the Source AV, where you can check out the new iSines.
Any head-fiers in LA / southern california area, who want to try the iSines next weekend ?
@yaluen No, there is no treble harshness. Planar design is different and we have custom designed waveguides that ensures smooth freq. response.
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