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 I didn't find the cover dreadful, quite the contrary. But I looked at other pics of Nikolaj Znaider, and then I found them quite dreadful. 
You wouldn't use this argument for plenty of  other genres. Is there a particular "reference" associated to techno ? 
I think you  shouldn't underestimate the impact of western culture  on your tastes. I wouldn't be surprised, if for instance  you hate  Gamelan music, while Indonesians would like it.If you look at the reviews of soundtrack at , they often give a bad rating to anything that doesn't sound like a traditional orchestral work (solaris, inception, the social network ...)
Never been in a concert hall, this might why the idea of noticeable bass  in classical seems outlandish to me.
Well, I like this "minimalist" work. La Monte Young - The well tuned piano       The title might seem ironical, but it's actually tuned in a way that breaks any sense of conventional harmony.   Yo don't need to listen to the whole thing , to get an idea of what's it's about:       There's also the "Works for prepared piano" by John Cage,  that  prepare the piano in an other wrong way. I'm less familiar with it. La Monte Young work match more my taste for...
 My apologies then.  I meant that I'm "experimenting" when I  listen  to other stuff than conventional western music. Few month ago I've never heard of gagaku, so it's relatively "new" for me. Off course gagaku music is not a "new" style, since it's pretty old traditional japanese music (used in ancient imperial courts).  Perhaps Hosokawa gave to gagaku music  a modern twist on the album you recommended , and I shouldn't make a distinction with other  modern classical...
Moved post :   Well, I  don't think that classical musical is for what they call here "bass head". Perhaps a classical music piece  that use didgeridoo would be enough "bassy". Found this example on youtube:    
 Well perhaps Hosokawa general work is not "traditional Japanese" music, but you can't deny the connection with traditional Japanese music on this particular cd. I'm listening now to it, while I type this message, and it's clearly inspired by gagaku.  I'm fine with experimenting with new genres/ styles , it's actually what I  like the most.But you'd notice some consistency in the previous cd,  recommended  here.
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 Eh, a bit surprised to see someone recommending some Gagaku music  here, which I  consider to be a kind of  musical oddity.... (at least for western ears), I  collect this, so I'm interested by your recommendation . I  like personally the double cd called "Music for Onmyo-Ji" (in fact the first one with Reigakusya).But I  think that when people talk of "classical" music, they have actually occidental music in mind .
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