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Sorry I don't understand, but Shure provide instructions & illustrations here:
Great, I wish I knew that trick before .Opening them manually slightly distort the metal mesh, and I guess I also removed the glue, as I didn't make the distinction with ear wax.
 Ideally you would  get a pair of ear hooks. I'm using the ones from my old senn ie7, but phonak audéo provide earhooks too:Otherwise you don't need earhook , they  just stay less in place if you put them directly.
Try this:
Just stumbled on this "classical" album, listening to it now.       I  think it's perfect . It's varied , there's some schuman, elgar,faure, tchaikovsky, mendelsohn, saens, satie ,offenbach, mozart, gluck, brahms..... The instruments are varied : flutes, guitar, piano, violin etc..  I  see some of the "big names" in the credits (john eliot gardiner, maria-joao pires etc ). It's 100% soothing,  and relatively easy to listen. All tracks are short ...  (ideally...
Perhaps, but for those that do not know much about  classical , and just want to take a quick listen  at the best stuff, those stars might help.Well, that's my reasoning .
 At , they give importance to both ratings : sound quality & performance.And one trick to find "good" recordings, is to  perform a serach and look at all rcordings that are rated 10 for both. Also, there was a time I was paying attention to "SPARS Code" but I realized that DDD is not the warranty of good sound quality.I just don't care of 96khz/ 24 bit, I prefer to have more hard drive space available.
AAC shows some superiority only for low bitrates.  At the bitrate people usually use (above 128 kps), mp3 is as good , and has the big advantage to be compatible with most hardware.I also just want to pointed out, that there are different mp3 encoders; and regarding mp3 compression at least, Lame is considered as a reference .  If you want to perform a proper blind test, there's a faq at hydrogenaudio : It's a bit a...
Depending of the music , and also the encoder used ....   Lame encoder, is almost  the "reference" today. Yeah 128 kps is not that bad, although I prefer to stick to a minimum of 192 kps. And actually I only use VBR now (when I need it).I think people won't notice difference  with some soppy smooth jazz at 128 kps .....
Use the abx comparator, that's the proper way to perform a blind test. Background noise has more impact for me than a $1000+ equipment. You'd see people succeeding hard blind test with cheap audio equipment. It's not obvious at all.
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