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Depending of the music , and also the encoder used ....   Lame encoder, is almost  the "reference" today. Yeah 128 kps is not that bad, although I prefer to stick to a minimum of 192 kps. And actually I only use VBR now (when I need it).I think people won't notice difference  with some soppy smooth jazz at 128 kps .....
Use the abx comparator, that's the proper way to perform a blind test. Background noise has more impact for me than a $1000+ equipment. You'd see people succeeding hard blind test with cheap audio equipment. It's not obvious at all.
Underestimating the power of placebo is a common mistake. Either you perform the blind test properly, or you might just be misled.
Hi, I didn't believe it , when I saw that the cable of my hd800 cracked in many place with time, and there's  even bad connection problem . I don't know how it happened, and if it's a known flaw of the hd800 cable .... I didn't have such problem previously with other headphone.  Anyways I need to replace the cable, as there's no pleasure in listening  a headphone that is muting from time to time , in one side.   So what I need to find a replacement cable for my...
Sorry to mention the hd800 even it's quite above the limit you mentioned. The fact is that I completely damaged the cable of it, and it's not so easy to get a new one from where I live.Eh, even if you spend a lot, you realize there can be crappy parts.
I  love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (kind of joyful, japanese dance pop). She recently released the album Pika Pika Fantajin.     And a single from the album, very nice video:  
 I didn't find the cover dreadful, quite the contrary. But I looked at other pics of Nikolaj Znaider, and then I found them quite dreadful. 
You wouldn't use this argument for plenty of  other genres. Is there a particular "reference" associated to techno ? 
I think you  shouldn't underestimate the impact of western culture  on your tastes. I wouldn't be surprised, if for instance  you hate  Gamelan music, while Indonesians would like it.If you look at the reviews of soundtrack at , they often give a bad rating to anything that doesn't sound like a traditional orchestral work (solaris, inception, the social network ...)
Never been in a concert hall, this might why the idea of noticeable bass  in classical seems outlandish to me.
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