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 1) I find the hd800 treble smoother. I  like it when it's not completely smooth.2) good for accoustic I'd think3) srh940 has an enjoyable soundstage, although I  guess the one from hd598 is bigger4) I  found the srh940 was a clear upgrade to the hd595 (didn't try 598).Although if you like a "relaxed" signature, it still makes sense to have both the hd595 & srh940.
Despite some rumors, I don't believe that fake eph-100 are currently sold (unless, someone send you wrong item, or replaced ear tips).   One explanation for the cheap price would be that the eph-100 is discontinued.Just check if you can trust the seller (usually use the keyword "scam" with name of seller in google. Check if there are very negative reviews).
Nice to get some recommendations for Maazel, he is often criticized.... I was intrigued by Maazel once, when Kaplan said in an interview that "off course" he didn't have the technical skills of a Maazel (can't refind it).
Well, probably ballets are more interesting if you watch  the full spectacle (rather, than plain audio). In the video I posted , the brass is just quite enjoyable;  seeing  the conductor is nice too.
 Oh great, I remind that the video below made me want to get this recording. Same effect on a friend who saw it on facebook.But I must say that the dance of the knights is the most enjoyable part, anyways: 
 I  would have said , that they sound perhaps like a 30$ headphone, with a particular sound signature and design that might seduce the mass. It's the ridiculous built quality, that  gives mostly the  feeling   that's it's  a rip-off (some of the beats solo in demo, were broken, giving a clear warning to customers " do not buy").Otherwise I  would compare this to the junk food of Mac Donald;  you know it's far from being best food, but you might still be attracted by the...
I've heard just a bit the beats solo (during a demo) , and I'd think the eph-100 would be more rewarding for general use. As the beat solo seem mainly marketed for hip hop, you might prefer them for that particular genre (emphasized mid bass, recessed highs) . I  usually don't listen to hip hop with the eph100.I  don't know for the CKS77X, but I  can say that the eph100 have an overall  "well rounded" sound signature, and just have enough bass for the "bass lovers". For...
Few recent discoveries, that are more or less focused on piano:   Lebensessenz -  Tu, deorum hominumque tyranne, Amor Gonzales - Solo Piano Akira Kosemura - How my heart sings Eluvium - An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death Lechner & Tsabropoulos - Chants, Hymns and Dances [Gurdjieff]
Today is the first day that I  used the eph-100 for a long period, after I  cleaned the wax that was deep inside (behind the metal mesh etc). During the 4 hour travel, I  was very happy with the clarity of the eph-100 (what a great value I  was thinking, why people bother with high end stuff ?) , and I  didn't hear a word of the people endlessly discussing near me. Unfortunately at the end of travel (a bit more than 4 hour), one side became muted . I  don't know if  it's...
Mine seems painted, and I consider them as genuine. If they are sound difference between models, I'm almost sure it can't be attributed to "fake" models (well, if you disregard the tips. Some people might resell with different tips).  Also consider that the earwax can really go deep inside these iems, despite the metal mesh, and can affect the sound (reason of the muted side experienced by some).
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