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The srh1540 sounds closer to the srh940, if you use the srh940 pads. But then you have less comfort.
All right , I  already commanded my srh1540. Enough hesitations. I  guess there's not so much good closed headphones, at this price. I  hope they sound as awesome as they look. The shure blogs says they are not an upgrade in sound quality (they are actually less accurate) , but if they are more  enjoyable ,  I'd be happy.
I just thought of the hd25-1. They are very sturdy, but I'm not sure how well they'll resist to sweat. Also, there's the cable, don't know if it would resist to gym moves. They are great for "mainstream music", the stuff you listen on radio.
I'd take for gym either a koss ksc75. or a senn pmx680. But you are lucky, senn has discontinued the pmx680, and the new model is much more expensive. So if you want absolutely to spend 100$:   For home listening there are better options, but they might not be ok for working out.
Your "audio checker" is probably using aucdtect. This analyzer is mostly used to detect mp3 compression. If a file is detected as lossless, it's still not a warranty that it's lossless. If a file is detected as lossy, it doesn't mean it's necessarily lossy too. If a track is low passed  by the artist, it would be detected as lossy. It's a guess.   Try  to use accuraterip, if you have doubts about a rip. I recommend the component "foo verifier" from foobar, for that.
hi,the headband of my srh940 has cracked, and I'm looking for something better in built quality , and that keeps some "aspect" of the srh940 sounds. What I really liked on the srh940, is a bit some "aggresivity" on the  sound, which seems perfect for some fast-paced psytrance (or electronic music if you prefer). I like a slightly harsh treble, without being too exaggerated. The srh940 is at stock a bit more "harsh" than I'd like (because I modded them). The srh940 is a bit...
I opened the eph-100 many times, to get rid the ear wax that goes inside. This helps with the muted sound issue. Unfortunately I lost one of the small internal mesh. So when I remove the  internal mesh, I have a much more trebly sound. I tried to to replace that internal mesh with some kind of sponge to tame the treble. But I guess I lost the original sound.
hi Matez, I phoned, and the cable was already delivered at the address I specified. Sorry, if I bothered you. But the website doesn't provide all details regarding  delivery. cheers
- deleted --- I realized that your reply was old.
hi Matez , no nothing in the spam folder  of my mail box.
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