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Unless you blow up pictures poster size you wont notice any difference in picture quality Amos. Plus now you have a very good video camera. If Id decide to use only one body I may fdo your route and sell my D610 and D7100 but right now staying put since I would lose too much money. I likeusing the D7100 with my long lens.
CES is around the corner looking forward to seeing Sklyar there with those headphones
The Crimson had a well deserved writes award and  cant wait to read Michael review over at Guru next month.
I enjoy the combo. Roxanne and Hugo
Make iit sound more liquid and musical heck they are 12..50 tube These are my favorite 12au7 and they are easy to get and not expensive
Larry - thank God you and your daughter are still with us.the car tells how awful that must have been. Hoping an praying you will be home soon.Your a tough hombre my man-hope your recovery is quick. How your daughter? Hope she is well.
My prayers go out to a terrific guy and awesome contributor.  Larry hope you get well soon and hope all is well with your daughter.
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