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Thank you guys I appreciate all the kind words. You guys  truly humble me.  This community has become a vital part of my life and in all m years in the hobby since 1979 I have never met a greater group or community that this one. I am truly blessed.
Fang has been working on this headphone for quite a few years. They managed to get this one to  be a great all rounder and works well with most amplifiers out there. I think it is indeed a very special headphone and I been listening to lot of classical music and its s[poky sometimes because the layering an detail is all there but its fast and explosive and the headphone just disappears into the music.  It will reward you with soundstage and dynamics. One thing also is Fang...
To answer your question. If your into classical music this is hands down better than the HD800. It is faster and more  explosive and the stage and imaging is a big step up. I listen to quite a bit classical  music and love the presentation with the HE1000. I think you need to audition and hear them to see what the fuss is about.
Nice pictures Amos keep them coming!
I do not think you would have any issue but the XLR does have more power for sure on the WA5. I am using the Cavalli Liquid Gold with no issues.
Jose you going to change the pads. I kind of like the feel  of these.
The comfort levels are insanely good and the listening  last  into the evening and early AM hours last night.  Much like the previewI when I had them for  a month last time.
Lanny do you have one coming?   I got mine yesterday but  I am near Delaware where they were  shipped  from.
Mikey finished my PM-3 review for the first week in June!
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