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 I should be able to make it
Awesome. Sorry I could not make this event but Mike Portnoy will be there cover the event for us. Planning on this next yea!! great video ad Kudos to Joe  and Joe and Ethan. See ya all in Denver.
I will have a comparison of the 2 Cute to the Dave when my 2 Cute review is done. Hopefully will have the full review done in the next month.
Time flew as I wanted to spend more time with everyone but looked at the watch and day was over -Had  a wedding that night in Bayshore so had to go and get ready for that buut as always great to see Tom and the team organizing another great meet.
    MrSpeakers The Man The Myth The Legend     Dan Clark was showing the Ether Electrostatic Headphones Coming Soon!         Amps and Sound Ian White and Jeremiah has some really happening sound coming fromm the affordable $1650 amplifier.         Brannan Mason Co-Owner Noble made the trip to see NY members with their affordable and outstanding reference IEM     Linear Audio was showing the Mighty ZOTL amplifier.     VinH Vu was...
I been listening non stop with the 2 cute and it is a big improvement in bass over my Oppo BDP 105.I will have comparison in detail when I finish my review of 2Cute but it is impressive/ Rob Watt's genius is all over this unit.   Fun paying electronic music and other genre's on the system as well as with headphones.
Great thread Peter!
Mr Speakers and Jennifer Knight
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