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 I am writing that review with the same amp  Fred sent me from that you tube review. Stay tuned we are looking to ge tit out for September.
OK a update the Draft are all in, The Trifecta is in the hands now of Warren Chi to edit and make it one. We will be running  this in Mid August for all you who are patiently waiting.
We will be puiblishing this in August
Joshua Redman bolwing my head up with his tonality on the Live at Village Vanguard with the Golmund Telos and HE1000!  Pete you should stop over soon.
The HE1000 have speed and hit hard.  I think these headphones are Fang greatest achievement. I am listening to these on the Goldmund amp/dac single ended. Immtbiker has my Cavalli LAu until I finish with the Goldman this is a stellar headphone, Greta musicality with pitch and tonality and indeed speed to recreate the impact of the bass and feel the performance. This HE1000 has me totally involved. I am not even thinking of anything other than the performers I been...
hahahah Best Buy does suck! Thats chai bene struggling and almost broke.
I had the Beta and now the construction one and there was a headband adjustment which I noticed right away. I cant tell any differences in sound with the production model from the beta.
Best Buy  Sucks Aaron!!!!!!
warm to the touch but not overly hot or anything/
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