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Thanks I will be trying to get it up in March.
Tom I am listening now with the Dave and Elear. Look for my review in March on the Elear with the DAVE. It is excellent and the member who heard that combo in Philly meet also responded well to that combo.
Thanks for stopping by. The DAVE and Elear wth the hD800S seemed to be a hit as was the Mitchell and Johnson Stat with the SAK240. Hav g fun with the toys and loved how the Moon Silver Dragon sounded with the DAVE!
Philly meet wa slot of fun with a fantastic group of people there. Impressed with Lee Shelly Studio as always and a gracious host.  The event keeps growing and we had a blast as always. Thansl to everyone for setting up some great systems!                                              
Great time will work on pictures
I will be there for the weekend with my wife covering the event for Headphone.Guru
 I should be able to make it
Awesome. Sorry I could not make this event but Mike Portnoy will be there cover the event for us. Planning on this next yea!! great video ad Kudos to Joe  and Joe and Ethan. See ya all in Denver.
I will have a comparison of the 2 Cute to the Dave when my 2 Cute review is done. Hopefully will have the full review done in the next month.
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