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Daryl I appreciate you comments. We are doing a formal review with warren Chi on our site. I did a preview and spent  a very short time with the ETHER and it was a preview not a detailed review. Warren will address everything in a detailed formal review. The Preview I did from a prototype was limited. I spent some more time yesterday at MrSpeakers yesterday listening to production samples and will say  that the ETHER treble is extended. The  treble is one of its strongest...
Preview: The ETHER Planar Headphone is COMING! MR SPEAKERS ETHER PREVIEW: Attending the Newport Beach show last year was special for me in many ways. Dan Clark from MrSpeakers had asked me to listen in private to a headphone he was designing. The Dreadnaught (Code Name) prototype was a closed proprietary design that Dan had been working on. The new planar design would be his first proprietary headphone and would be different from other designs that were being...
Cant wait  Jude. I am looking forward to the video and seeing you at CanJam. The HE1000 is a special headphone. Cannot wait to hear the production model.
Thanks Jose- it is special headphone indeed.
Thanks Yoga! I think it will sound stellar.
  The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place early in January every year in Las Vegas. . My first visit as a journalist to the CES this year was an experience I wont soon forget. Drew Baird from Moon Audio was gracious enough to take me through the events and it was appreciated. The South Hall Convention Center is where most of the Headphone vendors show new and exciting products for the current year. The show draws an enormous worldwide crowd. Manufacturers and...
The sounds is exceptional and I have my impressions done and ready as part of my column but may post them here soon. They are the best headphone  I have heard and I miss them dearly and cant wait to do the formal review.
Nice pictures  David.
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