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My dream combo is now complete. What a sound ... simply amazing!!!  
Hi, selling my Violectric V800 DAC in technical and optical perfect condition. The DAC is about 3 years old.Shipping with manual and power cord.Comes from a smoke and pet free home.
Is the Moon 430HA dead silent with low impendance phones like LCD-XC, TH900, T5p oder Signature Pro?
Did you hear the Abyss? Oh my god, it is damn fast, faster then all other planars.
Violectric V800 DAC with Auralic Taurus MKII
My Abyss arrived! Wow, what a soundstage and bass. I never hear anything better in this two disciplines. Now I'm searching for the issues in the treble region which Tyll describes. But I cannot hear anything problematic here. Joe is it possible Tylls example sounds not the same as the current production? I read something about it. There seems Marv and MuppetFaces Abyss has different sound as Tylls Test example.  
What kind of music you hear with the MHP1000? I hear a lot Pro Rock & Metal.
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