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Hi, selling a Woo Audio WA22 in silver from a friend of mine in perfect condition 10/10! Only 6 weeks old! With stock tubes + additional a pair of Tung Sol 7236 power tubes.
Hi,   selling a HD800s from a friend of mine in perfect condition.   Only used them 10 hours,   Selling only in EU.
Hi Dan, do you know when the first Ether C Flows arrive in germany? Yeah 3db all below 140Hz I hope this will be my endgame closed back! I had the 2016 XC in the meantime but isolation is very bad! The older XC was better here but my Ether C 1.1 blocks outside noise a lot better.
How that compares to the SR009?
Bass quantity Flow C vs. LCD-XC please?
Has the Ether C Flow now a bass quantity on par with LCD-XC? I hear a lot of metal and the normal Ether C is too lean in this area so I sold them. I need bass slam like on the XC.
Hi,   selling a Auralic TAURUS MKII from a friend of mine in perfect condition.   Bought in 07/2016.   Only used them 2 hours,   Comes with invoice in original package.
I sold Ether C (too bass light) and XC (too muddy) and pre ordered Flow C. Hope it will be my end game closed. The flaw with the Ether C for me was only the bass. Otherwise it kills the XC in every aspect.
Dan told me a solid 3dB all the way below 140Hz!Yes the Ether C Flow will rock!
Dan, how much more bass has the Ether C Flow vs. Ether C? Can you post measurements to compare both? The Ether C is a great headphone buz sometimes I would have more midbass for more slam!
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