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How long are the cables? Is a wood box and a headphone stand also included? Have you think about providing 5 years guarantee?
Meier Audio ClassicBryston BHA-1SPL Phonitor 2Auralic Taurus MKII All amps are very good match with the TH900. But the Moon is outstanding!
You think i never heared a good single ended amp? Youre wrong. The SPL Phonitor 2 is a great amp but pairing with a HE6 it sounds bad with no power in the low! The K812 and TH900 sounded amazing with the P2. About some balanced amps that sounded balanced better as single ended because of design i have the same point. The Moon 430HA is a sample how good a balanced amp sounded over the 6,35mm plug. I never have such a powerful amp sounded so great with the TH900 single ended...
For the big boys like HE6 or Abyss all my tests with single ended sounded crappy. But i have samples where low impendance phones sound crappy balanced and superb single ended. This was the case with my Edition 5 driven by the Taurus. Too low voltage is not good but too high voltage is also bad.
Up late do you ever had Abyss or HE6?
2 Watts @16Ohm. And what about 46 Ohm? Ha ha clearly much lower.
Ha ha ample power for the Abyss. Sorry man the Abyss is a little easier to drive than the HE6.
The conductor is not a balanced amp and only puts 2W in 16Ohm! I never came to the idea buying a power hungry headphone like HE6 or Abyss and connected it with 6,35mm plug. Amps like 430HA and Liquid Gold are Fully Balanced amps with a lot more power and class above the Conductor. Hope that Tyll use the 430HA for his next review and when he hear the same setup as mine currently then Halleluya! I think only the coming HE1000 maybe can beat the Abyss.
 Joe, do you want to send Tyll an another pair to review? I hope so.
I'm interested in the HE1000 Beta Test
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