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Dan, how much more bass has the Ether C Flow vs. Ether C? Can you post measurements to compare both? The Ether C is a great headphone buz sometimes I would have more midbass for more slam!
Welcome back! I have currently my second Abyss as I notice in the 3 months without an Abyss there is no alternative!
Hello, for sale is my 7 months old in absolutely like new condition MrSpeakers Ether C with all original accessoire (4 Pin XLR DUM cable, case, black+white tuning pads, Version 1.0 Pads) in original packaging with invoice. It doesn't have more than 30 hours of use! Comes from pet and smoke free home.
I purchased the Ether C a few months back and now It is cheaper! I'm a little upset. The difference from the old price of the Ether C to the new Flow C is 200USD. So it would be fair that the upgrade will not cost more because the old Ether Cs are worth less money now. Rather then I hope for a special upgrade price for customers purchasing the Ether Cs. I'm not living in the USA and for that I'm counting on Dan to make a plan for international customers to process the...
You're right it depends on the context of visceral. I mean with this also sound waves hitting the body. Otherwise yes the bass of the Abyss is organic like in no other headphone.
I have to disagree. No amp, no cable on this world can you let feel the sound impact all over your body. Bass shaker are only simulations and never perfect. And for me the effort it will be never worth and nonsense!Additionally a soundstage in front of your head like with speakers is only possible with DSPs like the Realizer. That are two negative points of all headphones. But personally I'm only listening to headphones because of three positive points. Isolation, i need...
Better now as never! The Abyss is my All Time Favorite. And I also have SR009. Sure technically a better headphone but not so fun sounding with metal like the Abyss. The Abyss sounds far better and faster to me than the measurements show! Even in soundstage it beats the HD800. You can not get the visceral impact from loudspeakers in an headphone. But the only headphone comes near to it is the Abyss without doubt!
It's the same everytime. The newest expensive headphone is always the best. Same with HE1000, LCD4 when they came out and Ether C as best closed. No one of this headphones is a game changer and I will bet the same with Utopia and Ether E. They will only sidesteps that's all! Dan goes the way with different frequency response on Ether C and E. The C is really a detail monster but not everyone likes the bass shy character and prefered the XC. With E he goes the way with...
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