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Sorry I don't want to fry my SR009. Then 5000€ is from one moment to the next out of the window.
Hey stayed cool! Thanks Mr. Gilmore to clarify the technically standpoint. Seems it is better to live with my KGSS and maybe in future to upgrade to a Carbon. But currently I'm in love with the KGSS driven my SR007A and SR009 powerfully.
Has someone expreriences with the Nebuchadnezzar amp from Eric Konka? http://knob.planet.ee/amps/staxneb1/staxneb1.htm   Is it on par with KGST or maybe BHSE?
Abyss is still my number 1! Following SR009 and SR007. Nothing beats the Abyss in physical feeling and soundstage. Other TOTL headphones sound like headphones but with the Abyss you get another level of enjoyment.
There is no other headphone on this planet like Abyss. Such dynamically, such slam, openess and soundstage. All headphones and i know nearly all loose clearly in the last two areas! When the Abyss had the mids and highs of my SR009 OMG!!! But you cannot have all in one headphone imo.
I also love my Abyss and cannot live without it. But the price 6k is 4k too high from a realistic standpoint. SR009 2800€ in Japan is now a realistic price but 5000€ in germany never worth the money!The Ethers for 1,5k are okay but I think with the next E Stat Blue Ether Dan will go >2K because he can.
The best Audeze but not good enough for the WOF! Hey guys they are 4000$. How much cost the HD800S? And the last one knocks it out. A minimum better 3F for this price is not enough. The price raise must stop! Or quality must be a lot better to beat an HD800S or SR009 in all areas! Although my Abyss is a very special headphone and I understand why Tyll take it not to the WOF. This is the place for neutral and natural sounding World Class Headphones. If we look at the prices...
Abyss is all about seal. So sound quality is from shrill and harsh to unbeatable amazing with tons of dynamics and slam. But no doubt the Abyss is not on the warm side.
Yep the HE1000 is fantastic for Rock & Metal. But in my eyes the Abyss is even better! In terms of soundstage and bass slam umbeatable!When I want to hear all the details of the record i take the SR009. For fun the Abyss. I don't need other open headphones.
Seems with SR009 and Abyss I don't need the LCD4. Before the Abyss I had the HE1000 but it can't beat the SR009 in details, speed, mids and highs. For me the Abyss is the better complementary as the HE1000 because it is fun fun fun with my lovely metal music! When I read this thread I have the feeling the new Audeze is not better then other totl.
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