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For sale is my Sennheiser HD-800 in mint condition.   Serial number 31xxx!   Comes with original box, cable with 6,35mm plug, manual and invoice from August 2014.   Comes from a pet and smoke free home.   Price include shipping inside EU!
Read my text. Yes it will be great and I hope Hifiman will react if there are issues with the pads. Or 2 pad types for different tastes and all users are happy.
Pad modding for an 3500$ headphone? Sorry but when the HE1000 cannot sound amazing with the stock pads I'm definitely out! I heared from a few people which were on the HighEnd in munich. They are not amused. Material is very poor. Sound is okay but that's not enough. My feeling currently is Hifiman failed the mission to create a new Uber headphone. Hopefully I'm wrong or Hifiman will react after the beta test.
I never had any problems with treble on T1, HE6 and K812. A sparkle treble with emphasis in 9khz like the Abyss have would be fine. I hope the HE1000 would make everything a little better then Abyss except of Bass. I cannot believe there would be a headphone with better Bass quality in near future. But time will tell.
The cable length is only 4.5-5 ft of all 3 cables? Hope this is a joke!
It looks on a photo posted here like so there's not enough place. The best is when a beta tester can agree or disagree this.
No stand. A box in which the HE1000 not fits with connected cable. I'm a little bit disappointed!
But how long they are? What about a headphone stand?
Do you receive an wood case and headphone stand?
I think in case of driver failures Hifiman will be fair enough to replace it with low cost. It is a statement product. When someone pay 3000USD he pays for this service. I believe the drivers costs a fraction. We pay for the development costs.
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