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If someone is interesting in buying them. I'm selling a new Ed. 12 here in the sale thread.
Hi everyone, I'm selling a new Ultrasone Edition 12. It is from someone who won them in the german "Audio" magazine (see writing in last image). I only made a short function test so all in all it is brandnew. It comes with the original box, guidance, guarantee card, cloth and writing from Ultrasone. You can register them and get 5 years guarantee from Ultrasone. Comes from a pet and smoke free home.
Hi everyone,   I'm selling the amazing beautiful and sounding ATH-W3000ANV.   This headphone is about 1,5 years old and i maybe used it 50 hours.   It comes with the box, a case to put the cable in it and the customs papers.   Of this headphone there are only 2000 pieces in the world.   Because they have a small mark on one cup (see last photo) you have the chance to get them for this price.   Comes from a pet and smoke free home.
Sale pending...
Hello,   because I need budget for an other investigation you have the chance to get a nearly new unused AKG K1000!!!   I bought this 4 weeks ago unused and it has maximum 20 hours of use.   Serialnumber greater than 10000!!!   Technically and optically perfect. Only pressure marks from the long storage in the case on 2 of the 4 cushions. But this doesn't hindered the functionality.   Comes with the original wood case, cable with 4 pin XLR plug and one adapter...
Thank you for the info! Yes this makes sense now.
Thank you! I don't have solder the wires self. I will contact the electrician which solder it for me.
1x NC4FXX-B to 2x NC3FXX-B 4-pol: 1- left + 2- left - 3- right + 4- right - 3-Pol: 1- Ground (not used) 2- Channel + 3- Channel -
I have a question. My HE6 has a cable with 4 pin XLR plug. I created a adapter from 4 pin to 2x 3pin XLR to connect my HE6 to the XLR output of my Phonitor 2 on the rear side. I tested this cable with the BHA1. When I connect my HE6 via adapter on the rear of the bryston the sound plays a lot lower then the connect to the 4pin XLR on the front. With my Phonitor2 it is the same. The front 6,35mm plays a lot louder then the 2x 3pin XLR on the back. Why? Is the impendance of...
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