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Hey guys,   So I have been out of the loop for awhile when it comes to the HE-4's (actually just sold mine off).    I would like to get the first post as comprehensive as possible. I went through the thread a few months ago trying to add in additional links to the first post but i am sure I missed some great information.   If anyone has any reviews, modifications, photo's, etc that they feel should be linked on the first post please PM me with the details and I can...
Doing a bit of spring cleaning and looking to sell of some things that I haven't touched in awhile. I currently don't have pictures of the Maddogs, but I will upload them this weekend.   Paypal payment only. Buyer covers 3% fee or payment by gift. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. My archived feedback is HERE   For Sale:   Feel free to make me an offer!   Maddog's w/ Dogpads: $200 + Shipping Purchased early October 2012 when the maddogs...
Short answer : Yes   Longer answer:    Since when have the LCD-2's been intimate?   I would not describe the LCD-2's as intimate in any way but I would describe the Mad dogs as an intimate headphone. This is one of the appeals I have with the Mad Dogs. It makes them far more engaging, fun, and even more delicate and deep when it comes to things like vocals. It sounds like a conversation with the music rather than a broadcast of the music, if that makes any sense.
Hrmmm... He seems to be dodging quite a few questions... It's getting me excited.
I can shed some light on the difference between the "faulty" and intended version. I happened to get one of the faulty versions so my previous comments are no longer valid.   Dan was kind enough to send me a corrected pair of phones days after I expressed some issues withe the first pair. nearly everything I had previously had issue with has been solved. They no longer sound congested or veiled and the soundstage, imaging, clarity, and separation have improved...
And then...
Gotta love Tyll, although i have to agree with the CNET people. Stever Guttenberg know his **** and has some awesome reads.
I wouldn't really call the mad dogs hard to drive especially in relation to other orthos. I am able to easily drive them with my Concerto close to the same volume as my LCD-2's (around 10 o'clock on the knob). 
I think I can say i'm puzzled by them too. 
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