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As the Title States I'm looking to purchase a Fiio L3 LOD (but i am open open to other LODs)   The LOD should be in Perfect Working Condition (No Self Made LOD's Though)   I'm willing to pay $10 cash for it   Meetups in Queens, Manhattan or Williamsburg
So besides the Z1000s and some of the Ultrasone line of Headphones, are there any other closed back headphones with Detachable 3.5mm plugs on both Sides?
sorry to necro/bump this thread but I was curious: I've read that the srh750dj and the m40 actually have 3.5mm to 2.5mm cables..is this true? So my question is - What Full Sized closed headphones actually have detachable cord with 3.5mm plugs at both ends?
1.) 16GB Nationite S:flo2 2.) Nuforce uDac 3.) 30GB 5.5th Gen Ipod Video All Work Flawlessy $200 Cash For All Three Together Price is Non-Neg and Not Selling each Separately Trades Accepted: Astro Mixamp  32GB Apple Iphone 3GS Sleek Audio SA6 w/ W-1 Unit   Located in New York City   No Paypal or Shipping....Local Transactions Only (sorry, No Negotiations on that.)   Offers to ship will be ignored Quickest way to contact me is...
Sennheiser HD448/HD438 Sennheiser HD205II DJ   Also some of the Sub-$200 Denon Models are known too have good bass
When does the SA7 come out?
Get the Fiio E1
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