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No Orange dot on the box.....     
  Ive owned my pair just short of two years never heard anything regarding a recall. Maybe you mean older then 2 years?  
That seems like a good discription of my issue also. I figured might as well send em in and maybe get lucky and they send me a new one ,with detachable cables...........    
yes. Anytime i adjust it or handle it it makes the noise. Im glad i sent it in then, thanks. 
Wow. Thats interesting,  is there a link in regards to the patent information? I  would be interested in learning more about these unscrupulous gangsters  .   
Hello all,    I noticed recently that the left side housing on my UM3X would make a clicking sound when squeezed lightly between the fingers. The sound is best described as similar to lightly pressing a soda can in and letting it pop back into shape (just much quieter). Sounds like a little "clicker". I closely examined the housing and there is no visible movement in the housing but i figured i would send it in as the warrenty period is soon to expire later this...
Quote: Originally Posted by kizmiaz Hey guys, I know there's many Westone 3 vs UM3X posts here but there's no real unamped comparison. I've read many times that the UM3X has a very natural tone which in many cases (to many people's ears) beats the westone 3's. But most of these posts mentioned the use of amps. Some posts mentioned UM3X tends to sound dull when unamped. I listen to alot of Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Chillout kinda music. Alot of John...
Great review. After months of indecision I finally just pulled the trigger and ordered the 3X which will join its sibbling the W3. God save me. Next stop..........divorce court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X is a BEAST!!!!!!!!
Ultra portable Sony X
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