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  Well:   1. Human hearing stops at 20khz at best - 10 or 15kHz are more likely as you age   2. 44.1khz is the standard sampling frequency for digital audio.   ..So if that is an fr graph, it is a pretty strange one - unless Creative is planning to sell soundcards to bats.   I wouldn't worry about it. If you like the sound from the card, l great. If you don't, follow Chewy's instructions on changing the settings. If you want your DAP to sound more like the card, then turn...
  If you keep on guessing at random until you get a set of answers right by sheer chance, and count only that last set, then it is impossible to fail! What you did was meaningless. If you wanted practice at training you ear before taking the test then you should have used a different track and then ***decided in advance that the first attempt made with the new track would be the one that counts.***
  Otoh, the ipod will have stupidly high impedance unless it is a Touch - or maybe a Nano?
  That's easy: send me the 80K and I'll send you two fiio compatible players!
  I think they vary according to some algorithm no one has ever decoded. But those she3580/3590 are $15 or less on ebay, and I preferred mind to my $150 Ety HF5s. Until my cat predated upon. Oh well...   http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=she3580&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313&_nkw=she3590&_sacat=0   If you're willing to spend more money then in your shoes I'd try the new Audio Technica ATH CNK50 - it's a microdriver iem with very good review.
  Manufacturer history is pretty much irrelevant to the quality of these products: their core intellectual property usually comes on either one or two key chips that neither Sony nor Sansa will have designed or manufactured. The Sansa Clip is one of the best sounding players at any price, it plays a much wider range of file types than the Sony (which may or may not matter to you) and unlike the Sony it has a slot for a memory expansion card - 32GB cards to fit the slot...
  Ok.. just about everything you wrote is wrong. Starting with the belief that no onboard or protable device will sound like your card - seriously, have you heard every motherboard audio system and DAP? And 44.1khz is the standard sampling frequency for digital audio, not a frequency response (which would be a curve on a graph, not a single number.) The amount of bass any most DAPs and computer audio players is adjustable; it sounds as if your card simply has a different...
    It's amusing that all the people laughing at the OP know less than he does.   The problem is not the HD800's impedance level; there's a version of the HD25 with the same impedance and it drives perfectly well from a DAP. The HD800 does not because it is much less efficient. One average high impedance phones tend to be the less efficient ones, but the two qualities are not the same.
  I'm sure that I could recognize Aardbeg in a blind tasting against standard Scotches. But pick out one variety of it from another? I'm doubtful. Those metaphorical descriptions are very imprecise, and I suspect they can be made to fit every bottle Aardbeg has ever made. I think  that you are right the flavour is complex enough that it overwhelms the normal range of taste - it probably activates almost every damn taste receptor at once and if you concentrate then you can...
  Yes, that was my point. If only because what the rest of proper miking is beyond getting the levels right I have no idea. Probably a good idea not to have the cables immersed in water - or is that the wrong way around and the cables should be immersed? Whatever.
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