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Last week my V10's headphone jack was malfunctioning. I could only hear from the right channel, with intermittent left channel sound. Fortunately the fix was not too difficult. Got the part around $12 from eBay, used a philips #000 driver to take down a dozen screws, pulled out the bad jack, put in the new one, nailed in all the screws and yes it is done. Took me no more than 10 minutes. Should I blame LG for the quality control, or should I praise it for a easy fix? 
I bought this one from Amazon US. It its basically a 75-ohm impedance adapter. I use it with Senn. IE80 and it works very well on V10; actually triggers the high-gain mode.
IMHO the B&O module for G5 is a sugar-coating.. the built-in ESS9028 DAC of G5 should be good enough  When V10 rolled out LG didn't even make its dedicated ESS9018 DAC as a major selling point, until they found customer highly praised its audio quality later (ironically) So hmmm... why not squeezing more $$$ by adding a dedicated DAC module from a more acknowledged HiFi brand
just FYI, the ZeroLemon 9000mAh extended battery case is shipping now, I ordered mine from amazon and got it today.
I have also used UAPP on my V10 with DAC Fix enabled. However when I play DSF files on my V10 I notice UAPP says 16bit/44kHz instead of 1bit/2.8MHz, and that makes me wonder whether the ES9018 DAC actually kicks in (because ES9018 has the ability to decode DSF files natively). I did uncheck the DSD over PCM option in UAPP.Any suggestions? Thanks!
I have the Sandisk 200GB microSD card in my X3II. No problem whatsoever. 
PM sent
Hi I read the ESS 9018C2M product brief and it mentioned the ability of DSD decoding. Does anyone know how to play DSD files on Android? I have never used android phone, so I am quite curious
Hi I am interested in getting a STAX SRS 002 system, including the SR-002 earspeaker and SRM-002 energizer. Please PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks.
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