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What do you use to wash them? My main "wash" if you will, is woodglue and that's just to be sure nothing is on the record. After that I get rid of the static and start up my transfer. Then use the first few seconds of lead-in as my noise removal sample. (side note: I really need a new needle or new job so I can buy my baby, a Pro-Ject Debut III in gloss white)
Hey thanks everyone for your interest. Currently I've been busy with work, but I can tell you I'll write up a little review this weekend. What I can tell you is that I use these daily. The fit to me is perfect, I really wasn't sure what to expect as far as seal but it is great. I would put it in the same feeling as while I was getting my impressions. As far as them sticking out, they do a little and I will try and document that when I write my review, they aren't...
Translucent black (called it smoke when I sent in my order)
I myself received them a bit earlier than his quote but I'd say its mostly accurate to within a week.
I received my TF10 reshells last Friday. I'm not in town anymore and all I have is a crappy picture from my brothers cell phone. I was on the phone when he first opened and saw them and he was almost speechless so from his non-audiophile standpoint I can assume they are lookers. I went with translucent black with artwork. My artwork turn out black but I can live with the subtly of that. More to come later this week once my brother ships them out to me.
I use the turntable output directly to my PC line-in. And use Audacity to record the playback. After which I apply the RIAA EQ-curve and then you can get the peak output to just about perfectly. (If you use this method you will need a sound-card that has a high S/N ratio)
Quote:   Are those taken with a dummyhead?  
Bumping with the unopened Comply foam and a price drop.
Translucent black with artwork? If so what was the artwork because this could be a very good sign for me...
This is a definite good sign. Sounds like I'll get my order right, I could care less how long it takes. As long as I know Adam is working to get quality products and correct ones out I'm happy.\   Congrats to the few that have got their orders! (or emails at the least)
New Posts  All Forums: