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Hi guys, I need your help. I bought UM earphones some time ago (even posted in this thread ;) ) and it got destroyed in an accident. I need an invoice for the insurance company, but UM never sent me any, and they don't respond my e-mails. Can anyone send me a photocopy of his invoice to my e-mail? mangaista@gmail.com . I own UM Aero, but it doesn't really matter, as long as the price on paper is 450$+. Ideally something bought in last 2 years. I would really appreciate any...
I send them impessions deep to the brain :P I believe it's rather normal fit, because UM makes it shallow, but I asked them to prolong it a bit :D   I'm happy that you all like this design :)))  
those are japanese kanjis. One is wai-"obscene" and the second setsu-"filthy". Together its waisetsu-"obscenity" :P But chinese "indecency" is very similiar in meaning so it's ok :)   ED!T   omg, I found that in chinese it can also mean "licentious" =o UM probably don't have a good opinion about me :(
Finally got my UM Aeros :D I hope you will like it:           I know, it's a bit flashy (different colors, transparent tips, silver faceplate with graphics) but when I put it in my ears, it gets more gentle :P I feel a little discomfort with my left ear, and after 3 hours of listening it gets a little itchy. But maybe it's just because of bad arrangement. I need to experiment a bit. I also found some bubbles in acryl. Its very hard to see in the colored...
Umm, sorry.. I meant a-jays one >.>   And how much they are different from UM Aero?    
  I like to have personalized stuff :D I know earphone in the shape of your ear may already be called "personalized" x) But if I can make it look like I see it, than why not? :D But after all sound quality and build quality is much more important.   I searched and asked through drummer's forums and among my drummer friends, but still most of them use monitor speakers, not earphones (at least not for monitoring purposes, just for metronome). And the rest, who use IEMs are...
Maybe not 100% give up but your entry review is not something I would like to hear (about vocals and guitars :P). But right now I'm more into customs :P We will see what tomorrow will bring :D Added JH and AlienEars. How to make a decision... Right now I'm considering UM Aero, because they give me full customization without any additional payments :D Recessed sockets, silver faceplates, color shells and transparent tips. 3 drivers and detachable cables are good :D
UM Aero (450$ with shipping, 3 drivers, 2-way, great custom possibilities for free) vs 1964ears-T (400$ without shipping, 3 drivers, 2-way, great custom possibilities for a lot of $$ in example silicon tips) vs Fidelity Triples (380$ without shipping, 3 drivers, 3-way, poor custom possibilities, pelican case) vs SpiralEars 2-way pro (360$ with shipping, 2 drivers, 2-way, no custom possibilities, fixed cables, silicon) vs anything else up to 450$ with international...
I do consider 1964ears. But if I'm going custom I think I am more into Unique Melody. It have very positive feedback. They don't charge for every little custom feature like 1964ears, and they have free shipping :P But I still need to read some reviews of those 2, and make my mind.
Is this one better than SE535? Should I take RC version, or it increases the chances of cable failure highly?
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