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Has anyone tried out specific SD cards on the HM-602?  The Kingston class 4 SDHC 32gb seems to be the consensus pick.  Can anyone confirm that anything else works?  I'm considering this Patriot card on sale for $50 right now.
Has anyone tried this Patriot 32gb SDHC card?  With the HM-801 or HM-602?  It's on sale for $50 shipped right now.
I'd like to try out your SR225s  
I'd love to go if there is still room. I doubt anyone is interested in my stuff, do let me know if I'm wrong though.   Member attending: beetbandit   Headphones: grado sr-80i, UE superfi 5, Yuin PK-3, JH-16 PRO   Amps: Nuforce udac2   Source's: Ipod touch, HiFiman hm-602   Cables: none
Geek Stuff 4 U - For Geeks By Geeks Audio Technica amplifier for iPod Anyone else curious?
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