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  this is amazing. checked out the most recent album by HARDCORE TANO*C, only liked this song.  
some trance         tritonal piercing the quiet remixed is amazing. this probably my fav song off it.  
    Indeed. If i had the money to spend, i'd be buying them =)   Was a fun time,. Shoulda brought my stuff to see how other headphones sounded on it, but whatever live n learn. Definitely going to get hd800s sometime in nxt few months.   Ty to organizers
  idk on exactly when i get there. between 12:15 to 12:40. will stay til end.   song is awesome.     where do u rank brookes brothers? (they r my fav)
I'd most likely come to this.
  So it has to deal with feel rather than performance? I've always used xbox controller w/ xpadder (3rd party software that lets you customize what every controller button does) and would use the analog sticks when emulating. Never had a problem.
  Hmm, what's so bad about modern dpads? why can't you use the analog sticks?
Hey,   At the april nyc audio show i ended up winning a vpi scout + zephyr cartridge + some pre amp.   MSRP is $3500 for all 3. They've all just been sitting in boxes at my parents house. the cartridge was installed (or whatever) on the tone arm. Unfortunately, i'm out of the country right now so i can't come to this meet, but i'm wondering if anyone would be interested in buying this from a family member/friend of mine?   Idk what to ask for it either, but...
  I wouldn't say the maps were big on mw3. I do agree they were a big part of why the game was terrible though. i have no intentions of getting cod9, after putting days worth of time in the previous 4.   How bad the developers were for mw3 just ruined any love i had for the series.
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