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preamp is this:  mmp3 version.       this is cartridge:
Hi,   I won this last year at 2012 NYC audio show in a VPI raffle. It has been sitting in my parents home since then. I won't have any use for it for awhile.   Trying to get this sold ASAP. Preferably we are able to meetup in nyc/close to it. If not will ship anywhere in USA you pay shipping.   PM me.
I am in for whatever date prior to May 13th. I will bring my gear this time.
  this is amazing. checked out the most recent album by HARDCORE TANO*C, only liked this song.  
some trance         tritonal piercing the quiet remixed is amazing. this probably my fav song off it.  
    Indeed. If i had the money to spend, i'd be buying them =)   Was a fun time,. Shoulda brought my stuff to see how other headphones sounded on it, but whatever live n learn. Definitely going to get hd800s sometime in nxt few months.   Ty to organizers
  idk on exactly when i get there. between 12:15 to 12:40. will stay til end.   song is awesome.     where do u rank brookes brothers? (they r my fav)
I'd most likely come to this.
  So it has to deal with feel rather than performance? I've always used xbox controller w/ xpadder (3rd party software that lets you customize what every controller button does) and would use the analog sticks when emulating. Never had a problem.
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