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I can make the second weekend. If it is on the second weekend, khoi14021993 would be able to come. He can't make the first weekend.
here are two hard style song I can't stop listening to    <3 those melodies
I have hd650s, they are very worn though.    i can bring an audio-gd compass amp and burson 160ds.
hardstyle not my fav, listen to it some.  I will be seeing Isaac and D-Block & S-Te-Fan this weekend though! so excited.       headhunterz is awesome. the melody in this =). 
^was thinking about you TJ because of what I'm about to post.    I can't believe I never listened to The Originators before. They have releases on a record label hiroyuki oda used to release songs on         so good! 
i'm in alberta march 21-23. any other dates work. 
i'm interested. 
I just got these. Coming from hd650s - using a burson 160ds amp. Recently upgraded my amp and was surprised how much better it sounded compared to my old one (audio-gd compass). So I decided had to upgrade my headphones.    The 8 foot cable length is not good. What aftermarket cables would you guys recommend? what material?
The turntable was never taken outof the box by myself. When I won it, the guy who gave the presentation (Michael Fremer) took something out and put on the cartridge to it. idk anything about vinyl.   I think it's the Scout 1.1 but not positive. The price was 1800 in 2012.   Here are some pictures I took not the greatest          
Hi,   I won this last year at 2012 NYC audio show in a VPI raffle. It has been sitting in my parents home since then.   If we are able to meetup in nyc/close to it price: 2000   If not will ship anywhere in USA you pay shipping.   Will take best offer by next week.   preamp is this:  mmp3 version.   this is cartridge:
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