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absolutely amazing   Any other tranceheads here?  how was it?
this is what my message meant. one of my favorite hard dance tracks
 don't most of the producers who upload to soundcloud not have their songs downloadable? the ones that do usually only upload 320kbps mp3, which is not good. 15ish% upload .wavs.  here's one of my favorite songs of the year. Only way to get a high quality is to pirate it or buy it off those two sites. This isn't even the whole song.
beatporttrackitdown (more expensive)  is where I buy the overwhelming majority of my music. All I listen to is EDM. I would be surprised if you are a hard-core EDM listener and you did not use beatport.
I will be coming.
I don't know, but I absolutely hate trap.  Some of my favorite recent releases uplifting trance   vocal trance
I will not know whether I can make it until the week of. 
10th-yes 11th-preferred 17th-yes 18th-maybe
I can make the second weekend. If it is on the second weekend, khoi14021993 would be able to come. He can't make the first weekend.
here are two hard style song I can't stop listening to    <3 those melodies
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