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i'm interested. 
does anyone in Vancouver have an audeze single ended cable they are not using? I currently can't use my LCD-X because I do not have a cable.... Travis won't have more in until next week. I would love to borrow someone's ( or buy if they don't use it anymore). 
Yeah I was going from the hd650s-K812s and comparatively to them I thought the k812s were amazing.  I gave the lcd-x a solid two-hour listen today. I love them, I returned my K812s and will be picking up the LCD-X when they come in on Monday. I'm excited. Soundstage is better with the LCD-X. I think the K812s might do female vocals slightly better but idk. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to headphones. i use bruson 160ds amp. Blisse, Are you going to...
 I don't know what I'm looking for. I used to have the LCD X which I loved. Currently I have k812 at least until Saturday. Tomorrow I will go into the store and give the LCD X a long listen. I am loving the k812s ( it has been a long time since I listen to the LCD X).  I did not like the HD 800 or LCD2s. 
uplifting trance       what is considered the best dynamic headphone for edm?
  I currently have K812 listening to them right now. I went into the store today with the intention of buying LCD-Xs (I used to own them and now I don't). They were not in stock so I bought these and will be listening to them for at least the next week. Then the plan is to go listen to the LCD-X and decide which I like better.  All I listen to is EDM. Mostly trance, some hard dance, some hard style, and some speedcore. anyone who has listened to both which would you think...
A+ for bright and spheres ( not my favorite trance a little slower but still very good).    I had to miss Ilan Bluestone show ;/. I had surgery the day it was (nothing serious laser treatment kidney stones).   seeing this guy tomorrow night! One of my favorite producers      
        this is one of my favorite songs that just recently came out, new remix of a classical vocal trance tune <3 andain.   
 my favorite moonbeam song 
absolutely amazing   Any other tranceheads here?  how was it?
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