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I prefer this remix     <3 this vocal tune  
works for me.
bump.   ill bring burson 160ds, lcd-x, hd650s
i'm interested. 
does anyone in Vancouver have an audeze single ended cable they are not using? I currently can't use my LCD-X because I do not have a cable.... Travis won't have more in until next week. I would love to borrow someone's ( or buy if they don't use it anymore). 
Yeah I was going from the hd650s-K812s and comparatively to them I thought the k812s were amazing.  I gave the lcd-x a solid two-hour listen today. I love them, I returned my K812s and will be picking up the LCD-X when they come in on Monday. I'm excited. Soundstage is better with the LCD-X. I think the K812s might do female vocals slightly better but idk. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to headphones. i use bruson 160ds amp. Blisse, Are you going to...
 I don't know what I'm looking for. I used to have the LCD X which I loved. Currently I have k812 at least until Saturday. Tomorrow I will go into the store and give the LCD X a long listen. I am loving the k812s ( it has been a long time since I listen to the LCD X).  I did not like the HD 800 or LCD2s. 
uplifting trance       what is considered the best dynamic headphone for edm?
  I currently have K812 listening to them right now. I went into the store today with the intention of buying LCD-Xs (I used to own them and now I don't). They were not in stock so I bought these and will be listening to them for at least the next week. Then the plan is to go listen to the LCD-X and decide which I like better.  All I listen to is EDM. Mostly trance, some hard dance, some hard style, and some speedcore. anyone who has listened to both which would you think...
A+ for bright and spheres ( not my favorite trance a little slower but still very good).    I had to miss Ilan Bluestone show ;/. I had surgery the day it was (nothing serious laser treatment kidney stones).   seeing this guy tomorrow night! One of my favorite producers      
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