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a portable car system? you listen to headphones while driving?
I can bring   Headphones: hd650, lcdx    Amp: brunson 160ds
i'm in! 
 can someone give me a recommendation for a portable amp to use for playing out of my android smart phone? budget doesn't really matter I think ( not sure how pricey these get)
my top tracks of this year so far         chopped vocals!
I love this     great mix.
Moonbeam! I used to love them overplayed quite a few of their songs. Have not listen to them in nearly 2 years      I will likely be seeing super8 on Friday. Have not listen to their new album yet actually will give that a listen today or tomorrow.  Heard this on Ahmed Romel - Orchestrance today so lovely  
thread is dead.   two uplifters released today      
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