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Every headphone you've listed is more or less a portable - or at least capable of being use on the go. If they're only going to be for home use, why not expand your options?
Right, the er4p use a single balanced armature.
That's probably the best idea. You first want to determine if you even like the sound that balanced armatures give you, or if you'd prefer something with a little more bass, a la dynamic driver IEMs. So spend some time with your pl50 before making a decision about your next purchase. Plus, selling them if they're not to your liking will allow you to recoup some of their cost.
You're comparing apples to oranges. The er4p is all about a mid and treble focused sound signature, which purposely reduces bass in order to artificially boost detail resolution. The copper is going to also be detailed, but much warmer with greater sub and mid bass emphasis. You may end up liking the sound, but it is also possible that after the etys the MTPC will be too bass heavy for your tastes. Whether you like the new set of earphones is going to be a gamble.
Joker, this might be a different sort of question than what you usually get, but I'm wondering which IEMs do you find most comfortable? Is it your customs, or your ck10? Something else? I know everyone always espouses the virtues of a custom IEMs fit and comfort, but personally I can't help but think that they might feel a bit intrusive. Especially the fact that they fill up your ear, unlike the smaller universals which basically just sit in your ear canal. What's your...
Heh. Next time just recommend the sony xb700 in such situations. Massive loads of bass - really though, the bass is "ginormous" - and of decent quality. The headphones as a whole are actually surprisingly decent considering the level of bass, and cost under $80. Though I will admit, just about anything is better than skullcandy.
By all accounts the fx700 have a very well extended and forward treble.    
^Besides lowering the volume, your best bet to lower bass quantity is to do what James444 did. Namely wear them with a loose seal. This can be accomplished by either just establishing a looser seal (obviously) or perhaps more comfortably by simply using a set of tips that are a size too small. According to James, you still get all the sound quality but with significantly reduced bass quantity.
The fx700 has a V shaped frequency response, so I doubt it was ever even designed for high volume listening. In point of fact, most people who own them prefer to use them at low volumes. This approach seems to help you get the most out of the driver, and will go a long way in taming the bass quantity. The downside is that with their already low isolation, low volume listening becomes difficult in a portable setting. The fx700 seem to me to be a home use IEM. Something...
Or a halfway decent fit for that matter. The DDM doesn't appear to have even been shaped for human ears. If you want incredibly powerful sub-bass, and an IEM that's fairly good across the board with above average soundstage, I'd recommend the hippo VB. It's a wonderful IEM for the (sub)bass lover. Just be aware that the tips aren't great, so you'd be best off buying replacements. That said, the atrios were recently upgraded with a new driver, so they should offer...
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