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How do you like them compared to your pr401?    
This may be a silly (for some anyway) question, but how do the custom fit W4 look? More specifically, do they stick far enough from your ears that they look like a fatter TF10, or are they flush enough that you can still sleep with them in? Or something in between?
The common criminal would never even guess that earphones actually cost that much, and that people take them out in public. Unless they're Bose or Monster Beats of course. He's much more likely to focus on your wallet, watch, or other assorted jewelery you may be carrying.    
It depends upon a variety of factors. Length of time worn, amount you sweat, how often they are removed and reinserted, etc. The best way to preserve foam tips is to regularly clean them with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Don't make it too strong though, maybe 1.5% concentration. Since most bottles already come in 3%, just use half h202 and half water.  
Perhaps consider simply hedging your bets and eventually ordering Westone's um56 custom tips? You can decide if the custom fit is something you enjoy, and see if it improves isolation, comfort and sound quality to any appreciable degree.    
Part of it is a function of volume. At very low volumes (human equal loudness contour) we don't perceive low and high frequencies as strongly as mids. Thus for people who prefer to listen to music at low volumes, that V shaped "fun" sound suddenly becomes correct. That's one reason I could never like etymotic's IEMs. Another is that real music has bass. Even in classical, things like cellos don't sound right, and timpani end up sounding like a wet paper towel. That and...
Though I haven't heard it myself, the phonak pfe perfect bass may be another option. Ask clieos about it, as he has tried the pl50, a151, and the pfe perfect bass.   I think joker will get them out eventually, but there's no rush. There has been alot written about both the TF10 and IE7 on headfi. Several years worth of posts, impressions and reviews. I think joker will get to them after he gets done with his backlog - though oddly enough it seems to be growing rather...
Great comparison James. I look forward to more impressions. And though at this moment IEMs like the ex1000 and w4 are out of my price range, one can always live vicariously, yes? So do keep up the good work. Plus, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to dfkt eventually getting them and also comparing them to his sm3.
They serve different purposes. Though closed headphones may not have quite the detail and transparency of open headphones, they are infinitely more practical. And that's where the appeal of the m50 comes in. As a first headphone - and a first headphone should be a closed headphone - it's ideal. Very decent sound, isolating, portable, relatively cheap, and built to studio standard - which means built to last. So if you give it some thought, it makes sense that the m50...
^I think joker stated that the two use the same driver, so objective sound quality should be more or less the same. They are simply tuned differently. And to each his own preference, obviously.
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