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I would wash the buds with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, being careful to not get any into the grill holes. Same for the cable. If it's still oily, use some rubbing alcohol on the buds (though not the cable). Just remember, don't soak whatever you'll be using to wash them. Just make it damp in order to avoid dripping.
The er6i are an old IEM, and aren't recommended anymore for a reason. They really can't keep up with other budget oriented earphones out there. If you like the cold and analytic etymotic sound, I'd suggest jumping ship to either the hf3/5 or the phonak audeo pfe.
Thanks for the detailed review ClieOS. The K2 looks like a very interesting IEM, even if they are out of my price range at the moment.
What about the pr401? From what I've read it doesn't strike me as a default basshead phone, but perhaps with a little EQ?   And now that you mention it, the VB does seem to be sold out everywhere? Was the model unpopular, or did hippo end up releasing so many models that they cannibalized their own market share?
You've basically described the hippo VB. They have some of the biggest sub-bass I've seen. Additionally, the quality of the bass is superb as well. And unlike so many other basshead phones the VB are not a giant fart canon. The bass stays where it's supposed to, it doesn't bleed into the midrange and isn't present unless called for - when it then appears in spades and rattles your head. Moreover clarity is also quite impressive considering the price and the massive...
In that case, I'd try the re-zero. It's relatively balanced but should still have that clear treble and midrange you like from the grados, and a punchy rather than hard hitting bass.
What fullsize headphones do you typically listen to? That will tell us a bit more about your sound signature preferences and allow us to give better advice. Recommendations are difficult because both the IEMs you mentioned are quality choices, they just have radically different sound signatures.
I don't follow. The um56 is a custom tip for your ear. The reshelling gives you a custom tip for your ear. If anything, the um56 should be more comfortable as it's vinyl and is softer than acrylic.    
double post deleted.
^Great pics WG.
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