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Portable amps don't get any smaller than the headstage arrow.
Nothing wrong with grado headphones if their sound signature is your thing. But since you're posting in the portable headphones forum I'm going to hazard a guess and assume you're planning on using the grados/alessandros on the go. Trust me, it's a bad idea. Not only do they provide no noise attenuation whatsoever, forcing you to turn up the volume to unsafe levels, they are also far too bulky and creaky to be used comfortably as a portable.
Here's a very positive review on the sennheiser mx 85 earbuds by another cyclist.
It's not a new phenomenon. Music_4321 isn't the only member here to bring up this point. Shigzeo, ljokerl, dfkt and quite a few others already commented that top tier universals can compare with and surpass customs.     
Or perhaps consider a very good universal monitor, which won't necessarily be the least bit inferior to customs.
True. Which is why, for portable use, I feel it's a great idea to use mp3gain or replaygain and set all your songs to the same relative volume. Some albums do have songs that vary greatly in volume, but for portable use the sudden changes are both annoying and potentially hazardous if you don't bother to lower the volume each time a loud track plays.    
One trick to test volume is to step into a quiet room and remove one earpiece with the music playing. When standing in a fairly silent environment, you can judge the loudness better. If it seems too loud, and you feel too much sound pressure, it probably is. Just err on the side of caution. Westone IEMs typically have great isolation, so if you give yourself a few hours to adjust to a quieter volume (assuming it's set too high) you'll adjust perfectly.  
First, you want to be more specific about your needs. Do you need a portable or a transportable headphone? Both the hd25-ii and m50 are, in my mind, examples of the latter. They can fit into a bag, backpack, or briefcase. But they're not something you can just easily carry around. Both will of course stay on if you walk, but neither is meant for any greater physical activity. If it's a portable pair of headphones you're looking for, something compact and small enough to...
I can go into more detail, but until you've heard examples of both types of sound signatures, it will be just words. Your cx300 is a very bass heavy IEM. It doesn't have a great deal of sub-bass (the "kick" in bass) but has a great overabundance of mid-bass - which makes for a "thicker", "warmer" sort of sound. The a151 is a balanced armature. It is tuned to also produce some extra midbass "warmth"  but not nearly to the same extent as the cx300. Also, as a balanced...
Do you like the warmth and bass impact of your cx300? If so, go with the cc51 (if the a151 is in your price range, so are these). If you want less impact and want a more detail oriented sound choose the a151.  
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