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Posts by JxK   Read that. It explains in relatively simple language (though on occasion it does go into some depth) why cables do not do anything to change the sound quality. Read up, and see why anyone with any background in physics or electrical engineering can't help but be disgusted by the cable scam.
I'll throw out this solution as well: consider simply cutting off the memory wire. Lots of people, myself included, hate memory wire. Fortunately though, it's quite easy to remove. Just use a small pair of nail scissors, and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. I did the same thing with my M6, and the fit went from incredibly annoying to effortless. There's a pic of the se215 with the memory wire removed in the appreciation thread:...
Consider the sennheiser pmx80. They are hardly the best sounding earphones, but they stay in place when moving, and the bass is fairly big and will help maintain a good beat for exercising. The open form factor is safer as well, since it'll let her hear cars coming. Honestly, when working out, SQ should be the absolute last concern.
I find dfkt's opinions on sound to be quite accurate. HOWEVER, they should be taken with the following caveat. dfkt is a low volume listener, much lower than most people (part of the reason he values well isolating IEMs). When you look at a human equal loudness contour, you'll notice that at such low volumes our ears physiologically behave differently - for instance we typically exhibit a marked decrease in sensitivity to the lower frequencies as well as some treble....
Thanks for the info eric. But would it be possible to compare their respective dynamics' at low volume? I'm just curious since it's an area where many many IEMs fall short. From my brief time auditioning the hje900 I remember it had great dynamic range at low volume. I'm wondering if the se215 can compare in that respect.  
For those that have heard both the hje900 and the se215, can you please compare how they sound at low volumes? And specifically, which of the two has the superior dynamic range. Since I'm a low volume listener and I've found that dynamics matter to me, I'm very curious to hear how the se215 performs here.
I'm selling my recently purchased ecci pr401 IEMs. They are in like new condition, without any blemishes or damage. I will ship them with all included accessories and tips (pictured), and send them in the original packaging. My reason for selling is simply that their sound signature doesn't match up with my preferences.   My past feedback is linked in below in my signature. I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world. If you're interested, please send me a PM instead...
If you have access to a soldering iron consider snipping the cord to a more portable length and attaching a new plug. What's left you can convert to an extension cable for when you need the extra length. Simple and cheap solution. Won't cost over $5 total.
I don't think there even is a plural for koss. There's only one. No eg. Western digitals, no Apples, no Berkshire Hathaways, no Koss(es). :)  
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