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If you want analytical, I'd suggest the phonak pfe. If you use the coupon code "h15" at soundearphones, you can get them for $118. They are analytical like the RE0, only better, as they fix two of its greatest flaws. Where the RE0 has a sharp bass rolloff resulting in a defacto midbass hump, the pfe extends smoothly down all the way to 20Hz. Moreover, and most importantly, the pfe has infinitely better dynamics compared to the RE0.   The RE0 has poor dynamic range....
I've heard positive things said about the sensorcom biflanges, as well as the phonak audeo pfe tips.  
The SA6 cable is thinner, and generally smaller. Thus it allows for a deeper insertion, and hopefully a better seal. Expecting an improvement in sound quality as a result is not unreasonable.
@danimoca How exactly are you planning on using your headphones. If you're only going to use them for an hour or two at a time, then the clamping force of the hd25-ii can be taken in stride. If however you're going to have the headphones on for hours at a time, then I'd stay away from the hd25-ii and other supraaural headphones. It does become painful after too long.
Does anyone know what the best price of the ZO is? The cheapest I've seen is $99. Is that the best, or is there better? Also, is there going to be a v2 ZO coming out? Since if that is the case, I'll probably just wait a bit, and end up ordering the v1 when it comes under discount.
Are you getting a good seal? Try playing around with the various tips. The most common cause of problems that new users have with IEMs stems from a poor seal. It'll make the bass disappear, and everything will sound tinny. Again, try a larger size of silicone tips, or if that fails one of the foam tips.
When I used the re0 I don't remember being impressed with the bass extension. In point of fact, they had a rather sharp rolloff in the low bass, resulting in a defacto mid-bass hump of sorts. But the death knell of the re0's for me was their dynamics - or more accurately, the utter lack thereof. Though not as bad as etymotic, everything still sounded too constrained and lacking in that "joie de vivre" which good dynamic range provides.
Remember though, when comparing, make sure it's a blind test (ABX). foobar2000 has a great ABX extension you can add on. Works like a charm. For what it's worth, hearing the difference between V0 mp3 (same as 320, but half the size) and FLAC is incredibly difficult. I've done it, but only on a tiny tiny handful of songs. The differences were very minor, and only audible in a quiet room when listening with my full attention. For a portable, where you're not giving the...
Also consider the phonak PFE. It will have a similar analytical sound like the RE0. However, the pfe boasts much better bass extension (all the way down to 20Hz) and better dynamics.
A great review tuahogary. You gave us a very clear picture of the xcape impressive's  sound, and it's strengths and weaknesses. Well done!
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