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That's it exactly. If you browse the appreciation thread, you'll find multiple reports of left or right channels going out randomly. Now, to Shure's credit, they've been great about warranty support. Not a single poster complained that the company left them hanging. Nonetheless, I'm in no hurry to purchase a product I'll only have to replace.    
Thanks for the detailed review mark. I was actually considering trying the se215 for a while, but the reports of shoddy build quality, as well as the super long cable, memory wire, and rotating connectors scared me away. They just appear to be really hard to fit. Nonetheless, they look like they definitely fit their niche well.
esanthosh, great review. It was a very informative read. If you could though, would you mind briefly comparing the gr07 to your PFE? I'm especially interested in how the gr07's dynamic range compares, as the PFE has the best dynamics I've yet heard in an IEM.
To quote dfkt, since his posts are just so wonderfully blunt:   My opinion on the matter: Comply are unscrupulous gangsters that hold the patent on how to attach the tip's inner plastic tube to the foam surrounding them. Because of that patent they bullied all the competition off the market and can ask any extortionate price for their foam tips. With Comply it is more like you're renting your phones, not owning them. You pay $15 for three pair of foam tips, and they...
How much bass do you want? If you want big bass with a good amount of warmth (~200-400Hz boost) then pick the se215. If you prefer a lighter hitting though more detailed bass that still extends all the way down to 20Hz pick the PFE. Personally, while I do find my PFEs bass light, the problem can be remedied somewhat with an equalizer. And is made up for by the excellent mids, highs, and especially the great dynamics.
Agreed. I think James444 ended up saying pretty much the same thing, that he ultimately preferred the ex1000 over the fx700 due mostly to musical preferences, rather than absolute technical merits.  
Of course it can get better. Just pup on a good set of fullsize cans, then put on a good set of IEMs. Though the IEMs do have certain advantages, overall the fullsize cans blow the latter out of the water. Sadly for us, this means that the upgraditis but won't abate any time soon.
Try charging it for a bit. Then hold the power button down for 30-40 seconds. Wait some 5 seconds, then press the power button again.
  It looks interesting. I might try it with my pfe. What do you guys think?
In that case, I'd suggest either the soundmagic pl50 or the maximo im-590. The pl50 is more user friendly, but the im-590 sounds a bit better.
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