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PM sent.
I bought these new and they have very low hours on them, maybe 50. Barely broken in, really. Comes with all accessories and in like new condition with all original packaging. ConUSA and Paypal only, no exceptions. Shipping included in price. Thanks for looking!
Given your budget limitations, I'd recommend the HD600. Very good cans. With a sympathetic amp of sufficient quality, the T1 is superior, no question.
Going back to this old thread, lately I've been enjoying the GS1K very much with my Woo6. Seems like a very good match.
Interesting round-up. Thanks for the link.
Yup. Without a doubt. Great synergy. 
Thank you, Ryo! They're on their way.
A couple of years, I guess.
Low hours, I'm the second owner. In like new condition. Perfect match with the K701 cans, which I'm also selling. Price is low for a quick sale and is firm. I pay shipping via UPS Ground in the ConUSA ONLY and will handle Paypal fees. Thanks for looking!
Maybe 50 hours on these. I bought them new. My price includes UPS Ground Shipping and Paypal fees. Con USA ONLY. Price is low and firm! Thanks for looking!
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