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PM sent
Hi   Will you ship to Denmark?   BR Bagger
Hi   Will you ship to Denmark?   BR  Bagger
He replied, and said the 4G isn't finished, but he would send me a 3G, that I could exchange with the 4G when it comes :)
So it is possible to do my combi, but you wouldn't say it is a good idea?
Hi   Is it possible to go from line out on the iPod classic to the DAC in the Fiio E7 and from there also amplify the signal?   Thanks for the help.
That would be very nice, as I'm also considering the TTVJ and the ALO :)
That is not a good sign, have you heard of anyone received the new 4G model? I think that it is a bit anoying not to have the oppotunity to contact him :(
Hi   I just ordered the Headstage Arrow HE 4G a week ago. The money is transfered over paypal, but i have not yet recieved any mail from headphonia. Tried to contact them, but still no reply. I can see from other thread's that he does not communicate much. That is fine with me, but does anyone know anything about the delevery time this month?   Hope that som of you have recieved the new 4G amp from him?   Thanks for the help Bagger
Should i be better of with the pico slim or the Arrow 4G?
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