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How old are these?
These are really grown on me. For my money they handle everything very well. I much prefer them to the K7xx.
have a k7xx for sale if any interest. 
I'll ship these to your door for €200 registered airmail. In EU so no customs.
Got the AKG K7XX today. I don't know. I'm not feeling them 100% and miss the bass extension of my D2000s. Would these be a better fit?
Hi guys.     For sale is a pair of Massdrop K7XXs. I paid $200 + $25 shipping, and also €50 import duty.    They are of course in mint condition only used for an hour or so. No rattle whatsoever. They just don't do it for me, I prefer my Denon D2000s. €250 shipped, you pay paypal fees. Located in EU. Registered post. In original packaging with invoice for 2 year warranty. 
Just got a pair of these again after 2 years without them. Man they are good earphones for the money. So fun and enjoyable. 
Have a pair on the way... finally! Replacing ones that were stolen from me last year... I have been through many pairs since and never found anything to match the TFs. 
Where are they still available for cheap?
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