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Just got a pair of these again after 2 years without them. Man they are good earphones for the money. So fun and enjoyable. 
Have a pair on the way... finally! Replacing ones that were stolen from me last year... I have been through many pairs since and never found anything to match the TFs. 
Where are they still available for cheap?
Have a feeling we won't see these at 199 again. Can't believe I missed it!
It won't let me add to cart... says they cannot be added to cart because they are OS.    Really wanted these for ages!
Agh I don't believe it. Only saw this now and they are out of stock. AAAAGGGGHHH. 
My H1s still for sale. Open to offers. 
It's the H1. I just find them a bit dark.
Mine are now for sale in the for sale section.
New Posts  All Forums: