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Hi if anyone has a spare IEM cleaning tool I'd like to buy it. 1964 ears is the only place in the US I can find that now, and they're charging more for shipping than I'd like.  SInce a cleaning tool is small enough to be mailed with a postage stamp, I'm looking to see if anyone can ship it to me all for a reasonable price.    Appreciate it. Thanks 
I have a pair of the venerable Earsonics SM3. I just found these in a drawer when I was cleaning my apartment. I bought them a few years ago and enjoyed them a lot.    The IEM's are physically in fair condition, but full disclosure the wire connector on the right earpiece appears to have a loose connection and cuts out intermittently.   Since the cable isn't detachable, my suggestion is to have these IEM's re-shelled into custom IEM's.   Companies like 1964 ears do...
Hi, I sent mine's in for a refit because the left ear was a little too big. I'll do a full write-up next week when I get them back. The V6's have incredibly accurate sound, I had a hard time pinning down emphasis in any one area. The high's are not necessarily over accentuated, they're crystal clear and very well defined. Bass is present and well-controlled when needed, but it may not be enough for people who want that extra umph.    I'm probably one of the limited number...
Got my V6's two and half weeks ago, sent it out for a refit and got them back yesterday. Perfect fit, first impressions.. I love the clarity, there definitely is a bit of an emphasis on the highs, but the lows kicks in when needed. Positioning of instruments and vocals is wonderful. I will put up a full review later. 
1964 offers a black replacement cable. I'm just ordering from there because it's less than $40, it fits 1964 customs, Westone, Earsonics customs , and a bunch of other brands. 
Stock cable from 1964 Ears.
After doing research into these aftermarket cables I'm kind of lost. I'm reading about silver coated on copper cables, and very high purity copper cables, what's the difference from stock IEM cables? Also are stock IEM cables made from copper?    From my understanding the conductivity and resistivity delta between copper and silver is very small. I have a pair of 1964 Ears V6, will a pricey cable really make a difference over stock? I'm going to be listening out of...
I'll up my budget to $80, but it looks like btg audio has very reasonable prices
I have some customs with recessed sockets, and one of the cables lost a pin. So I'm looking for a replacement that's under $50, can't afford the $100+ silver ones. Any suggestions?   
My entry into the CIEM market was the 1964 T. I only needed one refit, it was a great value for roughly $400 back then. They have since upgraded their line to the V series.  I sought out a more revealing and balanced IEM. I had fit issues with an ES5 and Earsonics EM4 which eventually had to be sent back because they were unable to  fit the right ear. Still, I got a sense of the sound signatures on these, and the ES5 was the most revealing, but I hated the soft...
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