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Question on how to get the full version of Viper Effect with no Wechat, Paypal or Alipal account? @FiiO 
 Balance output have different sounding compare to SE, tested on Monk plus 2.5mm balance.
Wonderful, need to audition this gem asap :)
Bump this question up.. same X5iii user here. @nmatheis how the highs and details on balance out, does it have sparkles and revealing?
Thank you @denony I did the same thing and delete folder album and now it is scanning 3121 songs .. happy day!
 Yes   Thanks for the info
I just purchase this DAP where as my movement from Cayin i5, sadly to say that X5iii is less analog (on my ears) comparing to i5 and too that i5 is somehow more stable f/w. However X5iii have a better wifi, clarity and separation in regards to the sound quality, I am happy.   Have updated to the latest FW 1.1.3, I notice that the battery is draining quite noticeably, even the DAP only on idle position (no headphone jack plugged) - is the stand by light affect it?
Hi All,   Own this DAP for almost 7 months, best move after Fiio X3ii. Hoping that new update can support external USB DAC including online streaming service.
I want one ........ !!! 
Great Seller, may be one of the best seller here in Head-Fi. Communication, Shipping & Packaging was fantastically top notch!   NO DOUBT   Thanks Brad! Recomended Seller
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