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Hi All,   Own this DAP for almost 7 months, best move after Fiio X3ii. Hoping that new update can support external USB DAC including online streaming service.
I want one ........ !!! 
Great Seller, may be one of the best seller here in Head-Fi. Communication, Shipping & Packaging was fantastically top notch!   NO DOUBT   Thanks Brad! Recomended Seller
Whoa, Again?! ^_^   UP, For This Great Seller!! and good luck for your plan :-)  
  I did try old line up for Pro Line 550 and Pro line 2500 (ALO Y shaped recabled) which is open type cans, I was bass lover - above two PL cans won't satisfy my lust of bass ;-) - then I found HFI 680 which is (for me) has excellent amount of bass (tight & deep).
why don't go for HFi series? try out 580,680,780 (on proper burnt-in) as Hfi Series has way better bass from quality and quantity and I believe it will suit your musical preferences.     *note Ultrasone needs 300 hrs of burn-in process, out of the box feels like you want to throw it out off the window
good luck mate :)
wait until 300hrs or more, you'll like it more :-)   (300hrs of serious burn-in NOT daily listening)
And sure amp will do help, it's very revealing and detailed and indeed after it settled, I still need time not to complain whether i'd like to have a critical listening or not
Hi Alex,   I'm using HFi680 more that 8 months (I'm not Uls fanatic tho), I need more than 300hrs to get it settled. Bass should be there and perhaps it's most natural cans among HFi 580 & Hfi 780, I used monstrous Hfi 780 before .   I did burn in process using all Flac songs in my play list. Once it's settled, Not recommended, if you like to remove the hazy layered sound- you can do small surgery and remove small PCB inside left pad and do Y shape...
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