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There are other 6SN7's that are as good if not better.
To all tube lovers happy St Valentine's day!
 Another trick is to run a hot soldering iron tip along the pins, sometimes it works very well.Some people can actually re base a tube using a proprietary tool.It doesn't always work as the tube glass can fracture when they heat up the base.I have posted photos of good & bad results earlier on if one is interested.  I couldn't agree more Rob.
The RFT's match the AVVT's well.
That's what I've been using for many years.
As far as I know all 300B's have UX4 bases. Most modern production PX4 also have UX4 bases, but vintage ones have B4 bases so a B4 to UX4 adapter is needed to run them on some  BA's. The Pinnacle can run PX4 only but can accept either UX4 or B4 bases. 
Happy New Year!!!!!!
Alesha Vaic is a genius
Superglue is usually fine Nail varnish is also suitable
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