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Mullard ECC32   This a used but strong testing tube probably NOS. Early version of the ECC32. Price includes PayPal and shipping.   Details   Black Base   Black Plates   Copper Grid Posts   Made by Mullard   Code Not Visible   Test Results   Fully Tested on my calibrated Jackson 648.   No Shorts or Leakages   Section 1:    85%   Section 2:    85%   Min is 70%, NOS is 100%   The tube was tested as a 6SN7 as per Jackson Setup Chart. The correct...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
You'll probably damage the power supply section.   You can burn in your 6SN7's using a cheap OTL amp or if you want to use the BA try a cheap pair of PX4's or 300B's.
The NU round plates and the Raytheon 6F8G's are very nice tubes.
Hi David and Steven,   Nice to hear from you both.   In my case the headphones were driven better in the balanced configuration.   To make things more complicated the HD650 sounded even better with a RAL cable even though it was Single Ended!!!!!!!!!
I agree most balanced amps are SS. I don't know of many/any tube amps that can do the phase inversion and that are fully balanced. The one that comes to mind is one of the SP amps which never worked properly from what I remember.   My RudiStor is a truly balanced SS amp and the SE and Balanced outputs sound different due to the increased output voltage which drives some headphones better. I did some experiments sometime ago using a HD650 when I changed the SAA cable...
Matched Quad Philips Miniwatt ECC35 NIB   This a matched quad NIB extremely rare to find. I will not spit them, please don’t ask. Price is non negotiable and includes shipping and PayPal fees.     Description   Short Brown Bases   Grey Plates   D-getter   Copper Grid Posts   Made by Mullard at the Blackburn Factory   Same Date Code RU2/B6B   Fully Tested on my calibrated Philco 9100/Hickok 533A    Tube1:     2175/2500 micromhos    5.2/6.0...
The De Forest Audion 45 and Raytheon ER 245 Box Plates sound better, but your amp must be designed for 45's.
It looks nice, I bet it sounds great!
That's right but a pair of Cetron driving some Grados will be a great review.
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