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 The truce usually doesn't last long. I wonder who will win at the end........................
The first letter C stands for Contractor (to the military)
Sneaky devils perhaps?
I tried that too Lieven, but I can't fool the boss at home..............   I blamed Glenn a few times but I can't get away with it all the time.
I forgot to mention they can be seductive too................   Good Luck   If there is any consolation I have a lot of speed bumps on my head from my Very understanding girlfriend hitting me whenever a tube box arrived.
The GR Super 10 is a special build, Glenn offers a similar one check this review:   http://www.tweak-fi.com/apps/blog/show/42754587-building-a-reference-system-part-2-glenn-s-headphone-amplifier   I have never run my GR Super 10 with 5998's yet.   The amps that have the 5998 mod can run them at their optimum. I don't know many amps, apart from Glenn's that have this.   Rule: Amanda is right. Tubes can be very evil and addictive, you have been warned.
Hello there,   The tubes don't have to be matched.   I can use up to 4X6AS7's or 2X6336's or 8X6SN7's or 6X6BL7's and 6/12/25V driver tubes with my GR Super 10.   I have an OTL amp Glenn built for me that can run 2X6AS7's or 2X5998's and has the 5998 mod.   I can run low impedance Grado's with the 6336's or mid/high impedance cans with the other combinations.   I'll let Glenn advise you on the caps etc.   I hope this info helps.
Hello Nathan, You are most welcome. Be aware some of us .........(read ME).........are nuts.I hope you have a good sense of humour!
No rules when it comes to tubes.   What sounds good to you is the best tube, no matter how little it costs. 
I consider the TS 6F8G Black Glass Flat Plates as a decent cheaper alternative.
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