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Congratulations Lieven!!!!!!
Enjoy it Nathan.   Don't worry, Glenn will build you the beast amp for your budget.
Happy Easter
Great looking amp Tyrell
Raytheon VT 52 Engraved Base Box Plates are great tubes.    
One of my amps uses 45's or VT 52's which are an upgraded/special 45.   Even though I have a nice selection of Globe 45's including Raytheon Box Plates, Arcturus Blue Glass etc, I am hooked on the VT 52's.   It's true that 6SN7's can't drive the 300B's as good as other tubes like some pentodes strapped in triode mode like WE328, WE310, C3g's etc. However, some 300B's driven by the right 6SN7's can sound great too, my AVVT 300B's driven by RFT 6SN7's sound...
That's great Nathan, thanks.
To me they look like mislabeled B65's, great tubes.
Thanks to you I got to eat some nice dishes that mama would not make for me................ Nice photos Steven, I am perpetual hungry now I think about the pizza!!!!!
George get those AVVT's warmed up..........   I'll be at my best behaviour Steven.......well I'll try any way.
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