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George.........I thought you were my friend.   Glenn I am banned, I have nowhere to hide, please help.
I've been banned for eating too many Easter sweets and cakes, SF is out of bounds so I'll be good to start all over again.   Please don't post any more photos........
Steven you are such a good friend.   Can we take Glenn along? Mind there'll be no cookies left, only some tubes, caps etc..............
  Can I be of some help Steven? Forget Clayton's inventory we'll find a way..........
 Have a great time!Enjoy your stay!   You can get a nice variety of 5Z3 not made in octal base.One of my amps uses them so I have some already.And you can used them instead of 5UG4's using an adapter.
No, I was very lucky, but it was scary watching the tubes arcing. Some people had their headphone drivers damaged.
 Very good point Punit.,Can't be too careful with them.Even good testing 5998's can do that.It happened to me on other amps but on my Glenn amps.
Clayton you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!   George nice to know you are doing well, not long before you go to NY, congratulations for your new speakers.   Steven, I've been on this game way too long. The biggest enjoyment I ever got out of this hobby is making good friends.   Glenn I bet you GRETA sound fine, I will have it up and running soon.   Currently running my GR Super 10 with 6BL7's driving Grado SR325is......who says low impedance is no good with them????????
Yes the C3g have a 6.3V heater
It just proved to me what I knew in a very simple and practical way.   Please note these are my findings with my own systems.
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