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I'll be on Auto Pilot. I like your signature S, how very true!!!!!   Is that the Tube Museum C?
Not long now Aldo, not long...........
Nice tube. 247 is the maker's code for NU, this tube was made in March, 1951.
  Looks so good.........   I bet you had a great time, C enjoy your holiday.
That's nice, very nice.........
 We prefer the after photos Lieven............... S Nice photos, it's a great amp, let us know how you like it. C I don't thing you'll be getting your amp back, so better have a few extra drinks and say goodbye......... 
Have a great time Clayton, enjoy my friend!!!!!!
  Sorry Lieven, I never got past the restaurants, never looked for tubes in Switzerland, too busy eating and driving around.But I have some Swiss friends who sell tubes.
The TS Mouse ears are nice tubes and you got them for a great price. Let us know what you think of them and also the 1578's.   Happy Listening!!!!!!!
Clayton are you packing before or after you go out???????????? 
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