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 I could not agree more, I would never buy from a seller who uses the Shipping Program either.
 It looks good, I bet it sounds good too.   Nice Clayton, very nice.....   Remember George if you change the 83 you'll have to recalibrate the tester. I like the video Aldo!!!!!!!!
Thanks S!!!!!!!!! T Rex for tonight's session Clayton
I'll just think about you having a good time............  
 I love Margarita & Margherita.......
I don't like the GE 6SN7's, average sounding.   The Mullard ECC32/CV181 are worth a try provided your transformer can handle the extra current.   The Chinese CV181 have the same specs as the 6SN7 so no problems using them. 
I hope S gets well soon.   Portuguese Port helps a lot!!!!!!   Air fares are getting higher and you get less value for money nowadays. The service is not what it used to be.
 That's right, same story with 45's.Globe versions are early production.Some claim that the shape of the class affects the sound. (Enemosser C37 project)I find the Globe KR 300B's sound different to the ST type.  eBay, but it has taken a long time.  This is a very early production valve most likely made by Mullard.As for the markings, I don't trust them much.Remember Gibosi's photo of a Mullard marked 6SN7?I too have some 6SN7s made by Brimar, STC, Philips etc marked Mullard.
 Well done Oskari! Actually there are two tubes but with different markings.One of them is the Air Ministry Version VU71 10E/11529 5-250MA and the other shown here.  I don't have any secrets when it comes to tubes. Here is the other tube with the Mullard markings 
People will get offended if I mention it.....................
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