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If you carry out a life test, then you'll have a better idea.
Indeed. The first one I got was made by Ken Rad for Ward Airlines but later ones were branded Ken Rad.
Nathan ask Glenn for Llundal transformers which are a step up, but they cost a lot more. A lot will depend on your tube choice regarding sensitive headphones the 6336 will be the best bet. I never tried my ATH W5000 yet with my tube amps they are hooked on a AT-HA5000 (Raffinato set) SS amp.   I am very pleased with the audio transformers Glenn has used in my amps.   Some pre-midnight thoughts for you.
Here's the Raytheon plate structure  
Clever move George. If it was me I would still be crying loosing all these nice tubes.
Well done Oskari, back in 2009 if I remember well when we were talking about 6F8G's.   Time flies......... 
 Sorry Glenn............ She likes you and Lucy too much to say anything.
  Don't you dare Mr   The silent treatment for now...........it'll get worst you just wait.   If she would appreciate tubes it would be no problem treating her some very nice ones, but no such luck
A lady's emery board works wonders too.
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