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Lieven has found another variant, so here is the updated Bendix 6080WB list:   1. Triangular Plates with Copper Rods. 2. Holed Plates with Copper Rods 3. Holed Plates with Steel Rods 4. Rectangular Plates with Steel Rods 5. Slotted Plates Curved Face with Copper Grid Rods 6. Slotted Plates with Curved Slot and Curved Face. 
Spot on Steve.   I have a great collection of most of their work on CD, and some on vinyl. I wouldn't dare play any of my tapes, they'll probably disintegrate.
Very interesting tube. It looks like a Brimar.   Here's one with clear glass, the plates look very similar  
 Yes, you gave me a box of fuses, I have them.The thought of L having a go at you.........and me encouraging her...........I know I am evil.   Try the early releases with Eric Burdon they are very good too.   Pleased you like them both, I got a brand new quad for $8, when the ebay Gods fell asleep.Never tried them yet.As for the Bendix they are one of my favourite 6080's. Happy Listening
You are very wise SO, I like your style!!!!!!!   That bubbly sounds so good popping like a rectifier arcing over.   In this case, next time Glenn and L come over, I'll pop a bottle with the girls and let Glenn pop the rectifiers.......   Check out "this Old Heart of Mine" Bettye is so good.   Tonight I'll check The Commodores, another favourite band.
You two are a bad pair.......   Maybe I'll give you the pleasure to try next time you come over.   Needles to say me and the girls will be hiding and I'll get L to call you bad names when the fuse blows.
Good morning SO. I am currently listening to Bettye Swann The Complete Atlantic Recordings   Here's the curvy tube i am talking about, but some people (including me occasionally) think dirty:  
Lieven has a good approach, I have to think about Glenn's statement!
But it's more curvy than a GZ34, how do I compensate for the shape???????
I must think of something to destruct you.............   Can you test a G37 as a 5U4G?
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