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Mullard never made any 6SN7's.   They look like MOV made B65's.
These dishes look so good..............I am jealous now!!!!!!!   Here's the GR10 with a U52  
 You are most welcome.It's hand made close to my place. BTW it's for the margaritas, not the beer...............
Nice tubes, well done. What do you think of their SQ?
It does make the 5998's sound better than if run as 6AS7G's. Not many OTL's are biased correctly for the 5998's so to me it's a nice mod to have.
rndell your amp looks so good, pleased you like it. Have you got the 5998 mod?
The ECC33 has the same heater requirements as a 6SN7. But it has a much higher μ at 35 compared to 20 for a 6SN7 and a resistance of 9.7KΩ compared to 7.7 KΩ of a 6SN7.
 You are most welcome. Until next time.
Just as well the girls are keeping an eye.................
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