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I couldn't agree more Lieven. I was lucky to get some a couple of months ago when the first appeared as ex French military stock for the ridiculous price of $8 for the quad.
Valvo made tubes for Wehrmacht during WWII
I too think it was made like that.   Here's another interesting NIB U52, when I feel brave enough I might try it in one of my Glenn's OTL.  
Very interesting adapter.
Thanks for completing the list Ultra.   I have not counted for the various retainer types and other details, otherwise the list would be huge.
I remember this post too 1096, where I updated my list:   Don't forget I am getting old Lieven........
Here they are:   Post 867   Post 896
OK Sir, I'll try find it or email you my own Bendix excel file.
  We probably share the same water!!!!!!!!!!  Just be prepared David.   We better be good from now on Lieven
I sincerely hope David is not reading this
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