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Wise decision, Clayton knows very well.
Wow, congratulations my friend, well done.
Pleased you like it!!!!! BTW a good pair AVVT are hard to beat. Give the KR balloons more time, they are wonderful tubes.
Awesome amp George!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it my friend
Hi Steven yes simple & sexy   EDIT:I am the S-stupid part.........
SO The Isley Brothers are on the decks.   Fixed versus Auto Bias? The KISS principle applies here too for me been the last S off the word - Glenn who knows me well would agree. 
Yes the 6BL7's sound very good, never tried the 6BX7's yet. 
i am not telling, you find out......
Hi David,   You are so right, but remember it's not easy I'm an addict!!!!!!!     Come on Glenn you better visit soon and check what is gone or any new additions......... Plus I learn a lot every time we meet not to mention the good time we always have.
  Thanks Rob.   I just buy occasionally now.Funny thing is I still use the same cheap tubes for sometime now and enjoy them.Most of my expensive ones are still boxed up.
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