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I too have a clear top made/marked as RCA
My Raytheon commercial version have the same construction as the JAN CRC ones.
 That's what friends are for.........
Very nice tubes, well done!
 That's the easy part.   I'll be the bar tender.Not as good as Rachel but l'll do my best  Never tempt a devil.........  Clayton we'll just cut a few corners.The head torches are ready and waiting.........
We'll keep S entertained don't worry.
Ultra you better come a week early to arrange the tube display...........
Now you are talking Ultra.
 She's got every meal planned.She doesn't know what more to do to please you and L!!!!!!!That's what she's talking about all the time, I am going crazy.  No time to play with any audio gear, unless it's late at night and we can't sleep from eating too much.
They were one of the main tube makers so they most likely made their own 6AS7G. They used RK, CK and QK for brand identification.   The 6AS7G is mentioned in  their Special Purpose Tube Characteristics booklet.
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