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Glenn it can take 4 6AS7G's and all the fancy U52 rectifiers.
Right my Glenn's GR Super 10 can use 8 6SN7's for output and a 6SN7/12SN7/25SN7 driver, including some of the ECC derivatives.
Very handy reference for sure.
  It looks so good!!!!!!
Hi Rob, The Sylvania W short bottle are one of my favourites. Most come with black base, but I have one with a brown base too.  
  I you don't know Oskari, then we have no least I don't
Indeed, I have other tube types with nickel plates so I assume they used the same material for the 6SN7. gibosi, I am guessing the date looking at the construction, I could be wrong.
I like it SO.   George, you are so right...............that would be me, Glenn is thinking tubes and amps and electron flow.
Is that nickel plates?
Dirty minds think alike.................
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