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2 1/2 days left Glenn.   We'll definitely visit a few nice dives like the one by Marathon lake.   Thanks to all the nice people who are participating here and my biggest Thanks goes to you Glenn.   Let's stay united, learn from each other, teach and help.
Waiting for Glenn while listing to some sophisticated music, DJ Bobo ............   EDIT Sorry Clayton, I only like dives.......
The beast is running with RCA 6BL7's/Ken-Rad 1633/Sylvania 3DG4, fed via a Buffalo 24 DAC driving HD650 with a RAL cable.   Marc Bolan & T-Rex children of the revolution.
The game turned around when Kevin got in at the end. The rest of the game was very boring.
Kevin Mirallas played well.
Kevin Mirallas did well.
Belgium, Italia and Chile.
 Please tell M we are still very good friends, and the result was good.It was on at 1am, only souvlaki and pizza was served I am afraid.  We played better with out him............
Now they have a squid but isn't as good as Paul was...........
Chile is playing very well.
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