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Who cares about there flag????????????
  Home made macaroni using a spit from an aromatic plan to make each individual piece.Soutzoukakia with home made sauce. Clayton I am sorry to report I jumped a red light on the way to watch the match at my brother's.
Mamma cooks simple dishes but they taste good. Clayton just wear buggy T-Shirts and elasticated waste trousers and you'll be fine. Like tubes we need room to expand.   Ultra that was a Radler, we need to be focused on the food you know.
 Clayton, I've been good didn't jump many red lights yet, only driven to the wrong side of the road a few times!!!!!!
It'll be a good game for sure, Belgium has lots of experience but USA is so fast.
Too many naughty friends around...........
I'll try to behave for Glenn and L..........
I know Aldo.   The only difference is that you are not pazo like me..........
Been Sicilian is not far away from Greeks.   I like your avatar Aldo what is it?
Nice review thank you.
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