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Wiser, not older just wiser!!!!!!!
You can strap them as triodes, and the ones made by WE are not bad.   You can find cheaper STC or Philips versions or even their 328 cousins at 7.5V.   I have been using both types  for sometime now.   Your set up looks very sexy Lieven with them things on the top..............
Thanks for the update with the very valuable info Have you ever tried the 310 pentodes?
George just to get in the mood: NU VT-99/RCA 6AS7G/Grado RS1 playing Bananarama-Megarama via Fidelia.
Вы готовы для удовольствия? Если вы хотите хорошо провести время, пожалуйста, присоединиться ко мне!!! PS I hope Sergei is not reading this................
I know I am bad Oskari but please don't tell..........
The point is that a loose base can only get worse.   The sooner you secure the better.   I am not aware of Ken Rad making any round plates but I could be very wrong.
Just run the nail varnish in the gap between the base and glass. Or if you are careful use some superglue, a few drops will be fine.
If you ever remove a base and the electrodes get cut off far from the glass base you can still solder on to them extensions. If they get cut off flush there's nothing you can do.   I like Laura and both of her two big hits.
Yes, it was discussed in the 6SN7 tube addicts thread.Just be careful you don't damage the connectors which could be partially oxidised and fall apart. The safest is ti remove/suck out the solder from the pins and run fresh solder again without removing the base. An easier solution is to run a hot solder iron tip along the pins to remelt the solder. A fourth solution is to send the tube to tube repairer to rebase it for you. Back to pizza again..............
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