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My thoughts on the Llundahl transformers for OTL I mentioned earlier on as a possible upgrade.   However good they are I don't think one can achieve 100% dark background unless circuit dampening is used as well.   The quality of the tubes is critical no mater what. By quality I don't necessarily mean one needs to spend a lot to get quality tubes.   High Frequency AC may also be an alternative for the heater supply.
The spacing of the elements within a tube affect the sound characteristics amongst other factors.
Thanks Glenn.
 You are most welcome Tony. It's the way an amp is designed/made.Nothing as a user you can do unless you start making mods/adjustments to the amp in question, something I would leave to a technical person. Personally I would not do anything but identify what's happening and make a record. I hope this helps. Ken-Rads are even worst.
That happens.   When you change the operating point tubes behave differently.   As mentioned before a noisy driver can be very quiet when used in a different position (as output), or in a different circuit.   EDIT It happens to other tubes not just NU.
If you carry out a life test, then you'll have a better idea.
Indeed. The first one I got was made by Ken Rad for Ward Airlines but later ones were branded Ken Rad.
Nathan ask Glenn for Llundal transformers which are a step up, but they cost a lot more. A lot will depend on your tube choice regarding sensitive headphones the 6336 will be the best bet. I never tried my ATH W5000 yet with my tube amps they are hooked on a AT-HA5000 (Raffinato set) SS amp.   I am very pleased with the audio transformers Glenn has used in my amps.   Some pre-midnight thoughts for you.
Here's the Raytheon plate structure  
Clever move George. If it was me I would still be crying loosing all these nice tubes.
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