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I am bad again but it's Steven's fault he started it!!!!!Thank you, nice to see old and make new friendsThank You!!!
Thanks Ken, nice to see all my friends again. From the 5U4G family of tubes only the WE422A will benefit from an adapter, but can also run as is.
 Nice to be back Rob Thank you my dear friend No Glenn, the quality of the thread is gonna drop now I'm posting again.............food, cookies, sweets, tubes all in one breath.Not long to go now!!!!
Hi David, Good to hear from you my dear friend.
Steven you made my day very happy too. I'm expecting some photos of those nice cheese pies and cookies!!!!!!
 I bet you he is.He's an experienced seller, he knows very well.
Not long to go now Clayton, enjoy!!!!!!
With friends like you who needs enemies.............. I am very jealous Steven that ox tail looks so good, must visit the butcher right away.
Wise decision, Clayton knows very well.
New Posts  All Forums: