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You are so right Steven, you never know!!!!!!
The circuit a tube is used in is important.   Actually my findings are different to yours Mechans1. I have 3 SP's and I find they respond well to tube rolling. I use one of them with a pair of Grado SR325is for evaluating my tubes. One of the SP's is a PPX3-6SN7 which uses 3 6SN7's both as driver and output. Some noisy 6SN7's drivers became quiet when I use them as outputs.   The same can happen, but not always when I use a noisy tube in a different amp.   When...
I learn new things about audio everyday Nathan.There's nothing wrong asking a question. I like the name you've chosen. The last amp Glenn gave me is named GRETA Glenn-R-Experimental-Tube-Amp.I need to se it up soon.Steven I know I am very very bad for not doing it sooner.............sorry
As long as the base is tight there's nothing to worry about. That's provided the tubes has been tested.
That's way too bad, I can't attack you now..................what a shame! I am not sure if there were any European 6F8G's but it's possible.Nothing surprises me with tubes anymore.
That means I can say all I want and you can't reply to me???????? How wonderful and fair!!!!!!!!!!! Clayton get ready.........
Congratulations Lieven!!!!!!
Enjoy it Nathan.   Don't worry, Glenn will build you the beast amp for your budget.
Happy Easter
Great looking amp Tyrell
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