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That sounds like a dream amp.   George is very Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glenn's 300 perhaps?????   Nice tubes George, Good Luck.
I couldn't agree more Lieven. I was lucky to get some a couple of months ago when the first appeared as ex French military stock for the ridiculous price of $8 for the quad.
Valvo made tubes for Wehrmacht during WWII
I too think it was made like that.   Here's another interesting NIB U52, when I feel brave enough I might try it in one of my Glenn's OTL.  
Very interesting adapter.
Thanks for completing the list Ultra.   I have not counted for the various retainer types and other details, otherwise the list would be huge.
I remember this post too 1096, where I updated my list:   Don't forget I am getting old Lieven........
Here they are:   Post 867   Post 896
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