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George get those AVVT's warmed up..........   I'll be at my best behaviour Steven.......well I'll try any way.
And I thought you were my friend.............
 What a great idea.George will visit me and I hope you M and Clayton will do so too.  Thanks for the clarification Nathan.Some people misjudge what I say!!!!!!!
I believe David was referring to OTL amps not SET ones.   Tyrell's 45 amp designed/built by Glenn and Punit's Bottlehead Mainline are based on SET designs with output transformers.
Get well soon George. What are the nurses like?
Have you tried the short bottle, with the lower mica inside the base?
 You are part of our International group, one of the best and friendliest you'll find. Of course you belong here, some of us (ME) are crazy, but we mean well. We openly discuss our thoughts for the better.  Agree 100%  Hi Steven, does this mean me and George can no longer post photos of the international pole dancing competitions?Am I banned? David I agree 100% with you!
Smooth talking helps too
They are no fun then I am afraid, what a shame.............
Tony can you put some gloves on and touch both the NU's in the WA5 and let me know what happens?   Do they become quiet when you touch them?
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