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Lucy is biased too because she's the sister I never had
Come on guys, you are making me cry with happiness.   You only see my good side because you are my family....ask Mama and my girlfriend then you'll find out how bad I am.
No way Tony, too drastic.When things go wrong hit the pies and cookies.......more fun.PS you are allowed to swear!!!!!
  You are not alone Tony, welcome to the club!
Bon Voyage Glenn, see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely a MF design then...........
Would this be a MF design?Better not say anything yet..........
Nice Tony! So you are our resident Maste Tube Chef?
Yes I almost forgot!Maybe lowering the heater to 4.9V would help to.How do they compare to your other 300B's?Have you tried the 32B's?
NU 6F8G'sThe short bottles have different construction too.In some the lower mica is above the base in others it's inside.To me certain batches sound better than others.
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