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No rules when it comes to tubes.   What sounds good to you is the best tube, no matter how little it costs. 
I consider the TS 6F8G Black Glass Flat Plates as a decent cheaper alternative.
The Hytron is a nice tube, you'll like it I am sure.
Rarer still, I think are the RCA CRC 38142 with Nickel Plates
 Telefunken 6SN7, Swedish Standard 33S30 and other rare tubes are also sold privately and never make their way to ebay. Despite the high prices they demand they are not necessarily ALL that better than other tubes. A lot depends on the system and personal preferences. Finally don't forget there is a European Black Glass Round Plates 6SN7.
I have been using an RFT 6SN7 driving a pair of AVVT's AV300B SL C37's for sometime now and I am very pleased with the result.
No offence we have talked in detail about 6F8G's and other equivalents in earlier posts sometime ago.
There are other 6SN7's that are as good if not better.
To all tube lovers happy St Valentine's day!
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