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If that's the case I'm lucky as most of my US tubes are of European stock. The AVVT 300BSL-C37 Ennemoser design are also great tubes and the the Mesh plates even better.The AVVT PX4M considered by some as the holly grail of PX4. Alesha like Glenn is a genius, their designs often copied and used by others. I see some traitors here going SS...........
They are GTA/GTB type tubes, very nice indeed. I would expect an improvement in the lower end.
Nice photo, great amp.   Better safe than sorry.
 Long ago, I experienced 5998's arcing over on one one of my SP Extremes but I was very lucky and no damage occurred.Others using different amps have not been lucky and the HP driver was blown. Warm up noises have not been a problem for me.
  Well done Portugal..... Make that three............
 Hi Clayton, we hope you'll join us one day. Could be worst Glenn..........I'll have to try harder next time.  Still a long way to go.There is no hope for tube addicts.
Good afternoon Tony.   I see you've been learning from the very best!!!!!!!!    For me it was the opposite I was taught Modern from my Aussie and Kiwi mates.   PS had nothing to do about tubes 
Sydney and Adeleide.   Pleased to know you had Classical Education Tony.
I have family in Melbourne Small world isn't it
I too need a heat sink or two to take off the heat from the trouble I am in with Lucy..........
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