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Great, no hurry thanks.
  Ryan can you please post a photo of the various pads you mentioned?Thanks
Neither was I
Hi gibosi. The second tube has longer plates, if I remember well. Must check my stock to be 100% sure.
  Have you asked Donald North or Jack Woo how long it takes to make their amps?
 Sorry for the late reply.You can't get wrong with FIVRE preferably black plates, black or brown base.As for the DDR tubes try RWM with the ceramic holders.   Nice thoughts Steven!!!!!!!
The second pair come in different flavours. The O getter like those of Upscale Audio are they older ones.   Here are some of the clear glass Brimars with and without the tensioners/coolers on top.    
punit, are you going to try any Italian & DDR tubes?
Some amps use two 6SN7's but only 1/2 side of each 6SN7 is used to drive the power tubes.
 Looks so cool Steven, sorry Clayton, better luck next time...........
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