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Very interesting Oskari.   I too thought it was a sign of a bad tube and I would discard it.
 Glenn makes some of the very best amps.The more you'll listen to it the more you'll like it.  As always you spent a lot of time and made every effort to write a honest, detailed and impartial review.Thanks for all the hard work.I know you have optimised your system to the maximum, but in the future it would be nice if you could try some more rectifiers and drivers not to mention the 6336A's.  Indeed, all Glenn's amps are Special
  A very useful test is the life test.That would tell you more about a tube's longevity.Some tube types test below NOS but could last a long time.  That's right Tyrell.A lot depends how a tube is run in a circuit.Some amps run them much harder than others.  The tube is probably run on different operating point.I have changed some noisy 6SN7's tubes duty from driver to out put and they run very quiet, all in the same amp.
 For the record, here they are post 4390 date 8/14/13   Very Nice!!!!!!   Great news!!!!!!!  
 Doesn't look as colourful....................
We have talked about them before actually.   I have a similar adaptor and 7193 tubes but never tried them yet.  
Very nice tubes for sure
You must be very exited!!!!!!!   Can't wait to se some photos
Nice George!!!!!!   Maybe it's time to think silver wire transformers........................
Glenn it can take 4 6AS7G's and all the fancy U52 rectifiers.
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