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  You are not alone Tony, welcome to the club!
Bon Voyage Glenn, see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely a MF design then...........
Would this be a MF design?Better not say anything yet..........
Nice Tony! So you are our resident Maste Tube Chef?
Yes I almost forgot!Maybe lowering the heater to 4.9V would help to.How do they compare to your other 300B's?Have you tried the 32B's?
NU 6F8G'sThe short bottles have different construction too.In some the lower mica is above the base in others it's inside.To me certain batches sound better than others.
I wonder am I the only one using AVVT's?
I am bad again but it's Steven's fault he started it!!!!!Thank you, nice to see old and make new friendsThank You!!!
Thanks Ken, nice to see all my friends again. From the 5U4G family of tubes only the WE422A will benefit from an adapter, but can also run as is.
New Posts  All Forums: