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Hi Oskari, remember recommended reading for today is the story of MOV
Hello, I have a Weiss DAC2 and a North Star North Star Design CD-Transport 192 MKII, North Star Design DAC 192 MKII if you are still interested.
Good evening Are you still looking for any of these headphones? If you do please let me know. Thanks
What a shame......
Congratulations Tony, very nice DAC indeed.
Tyrell you might have to experiment with different type vintage stock 45's. If you get your heater voltage changed you can enter the world of the VT-52's..
  Beautiful amp, well done Glenn!!!!
A pizza with the most expensive toppings doesn't mean is best.................
  Great mod Tony!!!!!!!!!!  Tubes all the way, but at a sensible price.With tube rectifiers you can change the sound with SS is a take it or leave it situation. Saying that I have tube amps with SS rectifiers and I love it's all about the design and implementation.
I know, I know. Tyrell which 45's are you using?
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