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 We prefer the after photos Lieven............... S Nice photos, it's a great amp, let us know how you like it. C I don't thing you'll be getting your amp back, so better have a few extra drinks and say goodbye......... 
Have a great time Clayton, enjoy my friend!!!!!!
  Sorry Lieven, I never got past the restaurants, never looked for tubes in Switzerland, too busy eating and driving around.But I have some Swiss friends who sell tubes.
The TS Mouse ears are nice tubes and you got them for a great price. Let us know what you think of them and also the 1578's.   Happy Listening!!!!!!!
Clayton are you packing before or after you go out???????????? 
Very nice amp and tubes!!!
Irene's name day chocolate and caramel & almonds ice cream cake.
What about hooking them here for some sweet sounds?  
Cobgratulations Tyrell, good to know you like your speakers.
Driver: 6SN7 or 12SN7 or  25SN7 or  ECC32 or  ECC33   Rectifier: 3DG4 or 5AU4   Output: 8 X 6SN7's or 6 X 6BL7's or 2/4 X 6AS7's or 2 X 6336's
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