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That's cheating..............   I am very jealous
Ultra, how many chocolate eggs did you have?
Richard here's the beast you're looking for. I haven't tried it yet I need the 1-8 adapter Glenn mentioned.  
 I assume you refer to a tube tester. The settings should be in the Tube Setup Chart.
Happy Easter.
  Actually the CV181Z has the same heater requirement as a 6SN7, 0.6A  at 6.3V.The original CV181 draws 0.9A at 6,3V which makes it different to the 6SN7 which means that some amps designed for the 6SN7 may not be able to handle it. Shuguang Treasure Series Tube Specification: Model Number: CV-181Z Distributed by: www.grantfidelity.comFilament Heating: UH 6.3 VIH 0.6 A
Nice cake Clayton! You can get some glazed pears too, they taste great.   You can chop glazed fruit and put it inside the cake before you bake it.
Happy Birthday Clayton!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with Nic and Oskari, the Chinese CV181 have the same spec as 6SN7, which is not the same as the ECC32/CV181.
I have been into headphones for more than 45 years and I too Glenn learn something new every day.   David is right, I couldn't agree more.
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