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 Clayton, I've been good didn't jump many red lights yet, only driven to the wrong side of the road a few times!!!!!!
It'll be a good game for sure, Belgium has lots of experience but USA is so fast.
Too many naughty friends around...........
I'll try to behave for Glenn and L..........
I know Aldo.   The only difference is that you are not pazo like me..........
Been Sicilian is not far away from Greeks.   I like your avatar Aldo what is it?
Nice review thank you.
Γιώργος Καραγκούνης is 37 but his heart is in the game.   I like it............Suarez is exceptional
Thanks Lieven, the underdogs have done it again.   Our National team costs less than two of Côte d'Ivoire players.   ​We hit the post three times, we could have scored more.
 The maximum Plate Voltage 6SL7 can handle is 250V.6SN7 can handle 300V and 6SN7GTB 450V. If an amp is designed to run the 6SN7 above 250V, you cannot replace them with 6SL7. All this has nothing to do with your mains voltage but the way the amp is designed.
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