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The crab sounds great
Steven and Clayton have a great time don't stay up late S&M have a plane to catch tomorrow.   Have a great holiday, enjoy your stay.
Now you are making more sense..................
Merry Christmas George! That's a nice collection Clothes?...................Don't need any, get your priorities right
Very nice tubes, great choice, enjoy your holidays.   Merry Christmas all.
Merry Christmas all.   A special thanks to Glenn, and all the valuable friends I've made all over the world sharing this crazy hobby.
You are most welcome Clayton, anything to make you smile.
He's been very bad again and he's spoiling me.   I assure you I don't deserve it.   I'll take some photos in a couple days.   Thanks Glenn and Lucy
Today I received a huge box from Glenn I am in a good mood now, excited but won't open it until Christmas Eve.
 Dionne Warwick is on the decks now
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