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Steven you are my dear friend and guru in many ways when it comes to music, food, having a good time and so much more.   I have learned a lot from you and I miss our emails!
That's heaven Steven, eating nice food and listening to music.
This article claims it's a 6SN7
Hi Oskari It's silly indeed Can the Elise transformer use CV181?
If it's a 6SN7 why do they call it a CV181 which is a ECC32?   I never understood this.
I suppose I'm lucky I got one LOL
Hi Ken, The SinglePower PPX3-6SN7 uses one 6SN7 as a driver and two 6SN7s for output. Not a bad amp at all. I'm side tracking from the LD just for info.
Happy Thanksgiving ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are so right!!!!!
WeWelcome to the tube addicts world!!!!!!!!
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