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BeautiBeautiful amp, congratulations!!!!!
Broken glass may not be a sign of use it can happen during manufacture
 Never say never when it comes to tubes.Maybe your next amp will use a different family of tubes.......... 
KR's are not bad provided you get a good pair. Is the price quoted for a single tube or a pair?
They are part of my collection since 2009 and have seen very little use about 100hrs. They are original, no modifications or repairs and the condition is good for their age. They come in the original boxes, with the pig tail and manual. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking.
Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!!!!
A seasoned head fier friend who knows a lot about Bendix told me he could not detect any difference between solid and slotted plates.   One must compare the same quality tubes to be 100% sure. What I mean is you can't compare a well used burned out pair with a NOS pair and draw definite conclusions.   I never done any extensive testing so I can't comment.
I am of the same opinion.
I can never better you Glenn, no way!   Thanks Joe, they are nice tubes for sure. A bit of background history they were used in Air Force AA missiles so they were made to last. You can tel from the ruggedised construction.
 Hi Joe, thanks for letting me know. I was worried now all is good. Happy listening, they are great tubes.
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