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  I you don't know Oskari, then we have no least I don't
Indeed, I have other tube types with nickel plates so I assume they used the same material for the 6SN7. gibosi, I am guessing the date looking at the construction, I could be wrong.
I like it SO.   George, you are so right...............that would be me, Glenn is thinking tubes and amps and electron flow.
Is that nickel plates?
Dirty minds think alike.................
Glenn can't be backed up or duplicated David. His brain works on a proprietary format!!!!!!!!!
I think that these shiny type plates and brown bases were used at a later date, after 1949.
Nice tube, how does it sound?
Hi Lieven, no I don't think so.
 Sorry to hear it SO.I wanted to cheer up so it was reggae this week, Bob Marley-Legend, The Jolly Boys, Eddy Grant, etc  Sorry to hear it Lieven, I hope you are fine now. My kind of thinking, pure and simple like a silver cable.......
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