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I love the Denon AH7000 ..... get the ear pad mod and balance it, will greatly improves the sound stage with a balance amp. I use it with the D4 amp for portable and Phoenix for balance
Just replace my 7000 pad with the Jmoney ones .... Love it. It really easy to replace the pad 1) Press flat down hard against the pad and turn counter clockwise. 2) Pull the old pad out. 3) Wrap the Jmoney pad to the plastic ring .... use two fingers under to hold the pad and the ring, use the other hand fingers to continue pulling and wrapping the ring. 4) Put the pad back and press flat down hard down and turn clockwise. Done...
Audio GD Phoenix has a Aluminum remote.
Quote: Originally Posted by scootermafia is that pic shopped or did you really fry an egg on it...too late to figure it out myself...gaaaa I wish it does barbecue ...... photoshop.
X4 The heat is not an issue for me, I can put my hands on the top for a long long time ..... but not the bottom. Might be able to cook an eggs at the bottom of the phoenix .
Can this be connect to the audio GD ref1 DAC ?
No trying to be cheap, but those prices are higher than getting new in the US? Maybe .... prices are for other countries buyer? not everyone here are from USA
Quote: Originally Posted by atothex Have you had opportunities to audition the HD800s on good equipment? It isn't for everyone, and even the "best" theoretical setups can sound like garbage to you. You really can't judge based on recommendations. Not even the mighty Beta is everyone's favorite SS amp. I heard some HD 800s with different Tubes and SS amps at canJam 2009. And I was at ServinginEcuador place two times to hear his two set of balance...
Balance all the way is what I pick for my case and The Phoenix + Ref one is the best buy if you want to go balance, cast with balance DAC, preamp and etc (remote, lots of inputs and outputs options).... more options later. The balance B22 might have better SQ?, but cost more if you get someone to build ... you can almost get the Balance REF one to go with the phoenix using cast. I use the phoenix with the balance Denon d7000 which has enough bass, and plan to add a...
I love the balance Denon D7000 with the Phoenix .... there is a big different to me balance Vs SE.... I sold my AKG 702 after I balance my D7000 ..... soundstage and detail improve and the bass is just amazing. I can feel my Denon ear pads vibrate without distortion .....
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