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Anybody care to share their EQ settings to turn my PM-1 into a HD800  HE90? Thanks in advance.
I really wish that was the case as then there will be ONE headphone that everybody like the most and that everybody buy and Head-Fi will be force to close shop...and then there will be peace on earth... 
about time!....
Describing in which way the Roxanne sounds better would be more helpful that just stating your preference. Also curious about comparisons. So far I came across two people preferring the Shure and Vlad preferring the Roxanne. Waiting for Joshua's take. 
I got curious and was closed to order a pair but thankfully checked first their shipping & delivery policy and got quite concerned as it looks they would refuse any responsibility if anything happened to the package:   SHIPPING CARRIERS & PACKAGE DELIVERY METHODS All lost, stolen, damaged or mis-delivered packages shipped will not be refunded under any circumstances. All Shipping Costs are Completely Non-Refundable!
@bfreedman If that the case he could just been franked ;-) and just made it clear.
I have no issue with Frank taking all the time he wants and I am myself in no hurry, honest impressions and comparisons from people who paid for the headphones will eventually appear. What I object is lame excuses from reviewers who  fear to compromise themselves or the interests they represent. So Frank, if you could only keep one headphone which one would it be?  
There is nothing to adjust. If it takes you more than 10mn to tell which headphone has more bass/treble/ details, extension or sounds more open you might have issue with your hearing faculties. I don't think anybody here expect a thesis just quick impressions, but those are not coming, and I know very well why.  
I can sense some tensions and conflict of interests. I am sorry but evaluating/comparing  two headphones shouldn't take more than 10mn, unless they both sound incredibly similar.
That would be a remarkable technological prowess is somehow they manage to direct the sound straight into your ears while avoiding any reflections. Thinking about it wouldn't be  so good as misplacing the headphone would lead to no sound at all. 
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