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I was impressed enough by the M2 so I will definitely have a go at the M20 if a deal was offered.
Few weeks old iem. those are among my favourites but sadly comfort isn't great for my small ears and I am experiencing soreness after an hour. Come with original packaging and accessories ( only one pair of the larger spinfit left) Price include postage and eBay fee if in the UK, otherwise add £10 for postage to EU.
Selling my 2 weeks old ER4XR. Used less than 20 hours so as good as new. Price include PayPal fee and postage to UK, otherwise add £10 for rest of the world. Thank you.
Selling my thee month old pair, comes with Linum cable. it will have to be reshelled by a third party but I have no idea who can resell silicone...sorry. Sold with small pouch only and cleaning tool. Price include PayPal fee and postage to UK. Add £10 for postage to the rest of the world.
I am the second owner of this wonderful player in mint condition (latest firmware installed). Comes with original packaging, accessories and a 128gb sad card. Price include postage and PayPal fee for The UK, otherwise please add £10 for postage.
Sale pending..
Selling this superb IEM, with all original accesories and packaging. I will also include the incredibly confortable Linum BAX cable. Price include postage to the UK and Paypal fee. Please add £15 for postage for the rest of EU.
sale pending....
Going along with my past experience, I predict a resale value of $250...if you are lucky to find somebody interested who hasn't heard of LH Labs before...
My Pulse SFi has been in the sale forum for weeks, and I am only asking $420 for it, still, not one party interested. I believe the MRSP was $ Shame, because it really sounds very good As previously said LH Lab marketing campaign has been a success...
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