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Finally got mine (450) after opening few tickets. No tracking number or information are provided as promised when they send it. Well, after my tickets they did provided me one but it was invalid. 
I don't consider the PM-1 dark and I have been listening the the HE-6 for the past two years and also recently got the TH900. But there is definately a lack of air and a slighlty congested soundstage very similar to the LCD2. A front row experience that many might enjoy and can be very seductive dependent on recordings.
The HE-6 has the best treble I heard and is unusually solid and tactile, unlike most dynamics and stats. The Oppo has fantastic mids but is not even close to the HE-6 in overall SQ. I only listen to the Oppo PM-1 for a week and enjoyed its presentation more and more, but sadly switching to the HE-6 and TH-900 quickly highlighted its shortcomings and congested presentation. Confort-wise I also prefer the HE-6, but I am likely to be an exception...  
Nfb3 + Bakoon is a superb regrets and amazing value for money.shame the Nfb3 is so ugly. Fuses?!? It is battery powered!
I opened a second ticket to complain about the issue and asked for a refund but I was told all the pre-order were sent last week. Apparently, no supplier has stock as they have to go through LH Labs for each order. Sadly, I am still waiting and the tracking number they provided me is invalid... I am more upset about the way they "run" their business and the lack of honesty rather than the wait.
The X10 is a good recommendation but I have doubt about the GR07, which is a superb iem, shame about the spiky treble though.
Fancy a bargain? Now on fleeBay:
An opportunity to get a Geek Pulse S at a heavily discounted price for those who missed the start of the campaign. I was one of the first backers of the Geek Pulse so I benefited from the early bird price. Only asking for the equivalent cost of my contribution (+20% import tax) and I will cover shipping anywhere in the UK. I will ship the packaged unopened as soon as it arrives. You also save money as the pound is now a lot stronger against the dollar compared to when I...
The original Earsonic S-EM6 might be what he needs. The IE800 's treble might be too pronounced for the OP.
@hykhleif, I understand you tried all tips but you definitely have a seal issue or a faulty pair if you think those are too bright. Most complaints are about the treble being not extended enough or/and  too  recessed.
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