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I am one of those who loved that LD MK6/HE-6 combo. I have tried many amps including huge vintage receiver, EF-6, Mojlnir and other mainstream speaker amps. The combination is great if you enjoy great micro details and imaging/headstage. The bass is a tiny little bit  loose but powerful and the mids thinner compared to more powerful option but I just loved that ultra-realistic/transparent reproduction.
I am also a Shure 846 user and I am seriously considering the Legend as my first custom but initial impressions suggesting lean bass has me rethink my options. I am not a big believer of burn-in either, especially for iems... 
I believe there is already a thread for that new Sony player. It is quite active with quite a few owners. If you had read through that thread you will have found out that it has a line out.
I am quite puzzled by people moaning about hiss. I am usually quite sensitive to it but even with my SE846 I am unable to detect anything, even with volume maxed....  Having EQ or other effect doesn't change a thing. I have the European version of the A15 by the way.
Any regular H8 happy owners? It seems everybody is going for the Pro version... I would love to hear feedback from owners.  I believe the H8 represent the original design and tuning from Piotrus for his flagship but then it seems to have had a change of mind...
Second owner of this superb DAC. sold with Oyade Firewire cable and Thunderbolt to firewire adapter for new Mac computers. Price include postage to the UK. Buyer cover Paypal fee but gift also welcome if adventurous.
Bought straight from Bakoon and in mint condition with all the original packaging. One of the best amp available if you own Audeze or Fostex HPs. Price include delivery to the UK. Paypal gifted prefered otherwise please cover the fee. Thanks
Wich carrier? I recently posted an HE-6 to Netherland and that costed me £62 (tracked and insured) and the PM1 is heavier due to the box.  Anyway, that's a UK ONLY listing for now !
I now remember one of the first review, on 6moon, mentioned issues with too much gain with sensitive cans and the HPA-21 but I believe that was then fixed and the gain lowered when the amp was officially released.
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