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That' nice to know. I was kindly asked for $129 (including international shipping) to replace my useless 450 for a 100. Absolutely disgraceful!
You can't undo the result of million of years of evolution by eating yourself vegan.  As a Breatharian, I consider all type of food as impure and disgusting. My hearing improved greatly and I can ear celestial sounds from other realms....
Being in the UK, I contacted ACS but they say they don't make  custom sleeves for the 846.
I stopped using the salsa clip after blasting my ears.Too much power and very limited volume adjustment.
Not really.  It is far too small to be decipherable.They also seem to be measurements for sinewave THD and very limited and specific bandwidth IMD past most people hearing capability so most likely pointless.Have you got link to the source of those graph?
Sadly those are lab measurements and tell little about how the player would perform with various headphones and more realistic loads.  Similar impressive measurements were produced by LH Labs for their Geek Out but we now know how that turns out.
You have not installed or/and selected the right driver (ASIO or WASAPI). I would recommend you take the time to  familiarise yourself with JRiver by checking its Wiki.
I also agree that the yellow foam just kill the bass. Shrill treble? I don't think so.
It should and it is very easy in JRiver to check what is being output by pressing the tool button.
Does that mean that all of us who are experiencing hiss and higher noise floor when using iems have faulty units?I am really confused as some people got replacement units that suffer the same issues.Does that mean LHLabs fixed the issues in their new production units. I have been hesitant sending mine back as I am in the UK.What iems are you using?
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