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I'm in, can bring the e9/e7 combo as well as the tube amp I won in the raffle last time. Will have an assortment of IEMs (FXT90, EX600, PFE022/HF2s), HD25 and K601.
In my experience, I cannot feel the seal with the ex600s because of the vent (you don't get that under the water feeling), this might be just me though. When music is not playing through them, isolation is pretty poor, and I can hear everything around me. This is just my personal impression of the ex600s and it might be different for you.
The 132 is the same as the 112 and 122...the middle digit just signifies whats on it. 1=nothing, 2=1 button mic, 3=3 button control + mic. The impressions should be in the PFE and 232 threds.
I think Fallenangel was essentially offering to host one at his place (like previous times) if the OP is not able to. If thats the case I would join in no question.
The mass hysteria if we were to do that....I don't see the issue with getting 8k in donations 
+1 on the HF2s, once you get past the discomfort of shoving the triflanges in your ear, they are comfortable for long periods of time. The distance between the start of the tip and the filter is quite long so your filter clogging problem shouldn't be as bad...they are removable too.
I have the e7/e9 that I can drag there.   Has there been any updates from the OP? He seems to have not logged on for 3 weeks...
I find the peaks tend to vary by ear...for instance joker reports no extra sibilance or grain, but a lot of members do. My friend who tried them out cannot stand the extra peaks on the ex600, but to my ears it is nothing that is too abnormal. They compliment the fxt's well just by presentation alone (laid back and airy rather than in your face).
I also love the FXT90s and have tried the ex600 in parallel. The sonys have quite an expansive soundstage for an IEM, in my opinion it rivals that of my k601.   In terms of sound the major difference you hear is note thickness from the fxt90, it has a nice amount of bass that is not overwhelming. The sonys do not have that boosted bass, but it is there, punch, and linear. I would argue the mids are a bit more forward in the ex600s than the fxt90s, but both do vocals...
+1 on kckc's recommendation, haven't visited the store yet but I know he has atleast the UM1s for demo, possibly other IEMs.
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