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sorry for being blunt...but you want to upgrade from the atrios and want serious sub bass from the IEMs you you even read the reviews linked to you?
I think you need to hear it before coming to any conclusions, sound is always subjective, and descriptions and graphs can only go so far.
I'm not sure if its something with the new production or anything, but my FXT-90s have extended treble, but the highs are in no way harsh/piercing/painful in anyway, and I am sensitive to sibilance.
I will be down for this epic sushi on the one condition that we get pavel to try out some alcohol...   I actually didn't try out too many new headphones for the fear of wanting to upgrade.   That being said, the Q701s were nice, especially paired with that amp. However I still prefer the K601s for my own personal music tastes.   The DT1350 were spectacular at what they did, great comfort and surprising isolation, sound was pretty good too out of my...
I tend to agree with your statement about the PFEs being similar to the HF5s in sound.   However...that was before I heard the PFEs with a decent source. Have you tried the HF5s on the HM601 yet pianist?
Essentially a meet is a big room with tables and people bring their own equipment, whether it be amps, headphones, soruces, ears etc. Idea is to listen to things you wouldn't normally get to try, or audition before you buy it yourself. There are some general rules which Fallenangel has outlined at the start but they are straightforward.    
Monster trumpet
I'm in, can bring the e9/e7 combo as well as the tube amp I won in the raffle last time. Will have an assortment of IEMs (FXT90, EX600, PFE022/HF2s), HD25 and K601.
In my experience, I cannot feel the seal with the ex600s because of the vent (you don't get that under the water feeling), this might be just me though. When music is not playing through them, isolation is pretty poor, and I can hear everything around me. This is just my personal impression of the ex600s and it might be different for you.
The 132 is the same as the 112 and 122...the middle digit just signifies whats on it. 1=nothing, 2=1 button mic, 3=3 button control + mic. The impressions should be in the PFE and 232 threds.
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