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Unfortunately Pavel, you have found yourself situated at the perfect spot for hosting these things. You are at the end of the TTC line for us people in the city as well as far enough uptown that getting there isn't much of a pain for those who drive.   I would offer the party room of my condo but they are currently renovating it at this time.
You should contact shure...I think they have an exchange program where you send them the e4c + $ and can get the se425.
New tips won't give you that much more bass. If you want more bass you might want to try out the green filters.
Indeed...I wonder where our venerable scotch loving Russian is...
Thats an internal picture of the superfi 5 not the 350...
The E10 doesn't work well with mic'd cables.   Much like old nokia and some  samsung phones the ground prong on the headphone jack is reversed from the standard. The simple way to fix this is to have a inverted adaptor (http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronic_TRRS_Adapter_for_P_Version_Headphones_p/adptr-trrs-35.htm). That or have the mic depressed the whole time.   Although I thought Fiio fixed the newest batch of e10s for this issue...
For 60 they are worth buying, I enjoyed them.
Yes the 022 comes with a mic but it doesn't have the volume adjuster like the 132.
I agree with goodvibes' comments that the cons you listed aren't really truly cons.   My only major con is the price, for 1/3 of the price the PFE012 uses the same drivers and you can buy the filters separately...only thing is it doesn't come with the iphone mic.   However a good overall review for a good IEM that still holds its own after so many years after its introduction.    Thanks for the review!
As always I am in, i won't be able to attend before november 5th.
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