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I am not too sure on your optimism there lulzsec, they have never restocked any of their boxing day sale items in the past until after boxing week. That being said, there should still be stock in the stores on boxing day for those who are interested.
Knowing futureshop (aka failureshop) the stock was never around 4k and probably 10x less then that. The coppers are nice, but I cannot imagine that high of a demand for them from the public.
You can't PM on boxing day deals.
Post the PMID for that so that we can atleast read the abstract.
You should try the shure olives, they reduce the microphonics a bit when worn down. For me personally I find that almost all the microphonics are gone when the HF5 is worn over the ear.
I think the better idea is for everyone to stop loaning joker IEMs...
you misread, I said if I had to rank one of them for better sound quality the HF5 barely beats out the PFE. I would take the PFE overall.   I am not going to do a detailed comparison since others have done so (Joker etc).
yes they fixed the cable cracking the second year the PFE came out.
I have both of them in front of me and use the shure soft flex tips on my HF5s, because of the deep insertion of the HF5 they get uncomfortable after a little time. The differences you are looking for is very minimal, if I had to choose the HF5 barely beats out on both detail and lively/realistic sound. Treble extension is how high the treble goes before it starts to roll off.   Once again I would choose the PFE if I had to, but saying that they are both great IEMs.    
The HF5 and PFE with grey filters are closer in sound signature then you think. The PFE has slightly more bass impact and maybe slightly less treble extension then the HF5. I would go for the PFEs mainly for their fit and comfort. The HF5s do isolate more but become uncomfortable in my ears after about 1-2 hours of usage (mainly itching and such from deep insertion). In addition if you ever wanted more bass, you can just swap the filters on the PFE.
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