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Yes, you don't have to bring gear, but it is usually nice to bring something, you never know when someone might be interested in it.   I will bring my usual budget-fi setup + IEMs.   HE300 + millet hybrid tube amp + fiio e10 DAC Westome um2, phonak PFE022, sennheiser momentum, JVC FXT90, UE600....Zida should be bringing everything else that is more expensive versions of what i just listed :p
the day sounds good to me!
You do know that the heat is for a purpose right? To take the minds off the giant dent in our wallets that happens from trying other peoples gear...
I am in for attending a meet.
The Re600 will be in the hands of the next member of the list (zida) tomorrow.
I am actually not sure what the going rate for the golds are hence I am up for offers on price, the 250 was merely a place holder.
I am putting a pair of Monster turbine pro golds with control talk up for sale/trade. I do not have a camera available but I will provide the proof that these are genuine.   I am open to trades and offers on the price.
Thanks to James and Inks for organizing the tour!
Good times and a pretty good turn out to the meet, thanks Jeff for organizing (hope you were close to breaking even on the donations).   Although we were missing the nice scotch and a certain russian (pavel...) but good times to be had by all.
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