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Sorry to hear that Bryan, there will be more meets in the future...we will put a picture of you with your Jecklin floats as a place holder...
yes.....although how they will sound will be interesting given that the seal will not be 100%...in theory...
But all his regular customers will be at this meet ;)
Finch station is actually what we normally do, and it is also normally in Fallenangel's party room as well (Although he has never told us the cost of the room so he has eaten a lot of the fees actually).   It would work well if we had it in your mom's party room, usually the meet happens after lunch so no need for food, and people BYOB...usually scotch actually.   So if you are willing to take the initiative and set up the meet and be upfront about what costs you need...
The q-jays and se215 are almost on the complete opposite ends of the sound signature spectrum. If you want the sound signature of the q-jays there are a fair amount of IEMs that use its driver (twfk) that are affordable and under $200. If I recall v-sonic makes a couple of twfk IEMs that are quite small and affordable.
Bah undergrads...you can make time..:D   The only issue with the summer is all the people that are from out of town that go to one of the universities downtown will not be here...so its always a lose lose situation in terms of timing and we have found that the easiest way to organize this is just find a range of dates that someone can book a room and book the date the most people can make.
It has not happened yet. Unfortunately Pavel (Fallenangel) has been pretty busy, however this does not preclude someone else organizing this meet if they have the time and energy to do so.
ahhh, you were the one who beat me to them! :)
Interesting, it might indeed be the music that we listen to, but I find they have ample bass but lack highs... was the great deal that you scored for the RC version? 
I didn't think you liked the um2s when you tried them last meet!
New Posts  All Forums: